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My name is David, and I am a nuisance wildlife removal expert. This website is a resource to help educate people about wild animals, and some of the problems that wildlife can cause. This website contains many guides to help you solve your critter problem. I have also written several information articles about the most common nuisance wildlife species, just click your animal.

Wildlife removal is not easy. It is also fraught with health and safety risks. Most wildlife control situations are significantly more complex than they may seem. It is also illegal in most US states for non-licensed persons to trap or relocate wild animals. In, not all, but many cases, critter removal is not a do-it-yourself job.

HUMANE HINTS: Sometimes you don't need to remove wildlife at all! When possible, use exclusion, rather than trapping, techniques. Always be aware that an animal in your attic likely has a nest of babies inside. NEVER attempt to poison a mammal. Set traps in shade, and never leave an animal in a trap for more than a few hours. If you are uneducated, please enlist the help of a professional.

If you wish to hire professional help, I have complied a directory of expert wildlife removal specialists, covering over 500 different US cities and towns. I have spent significant time talking to these companies, and have even directly trained many of them, and believe that the companies in this directory are superior to most of the companies you may find in your own search. Just click your state on the below map, and you will find a good wildlife expert in your area. Updated weekly, current 2019.

If you have any additional questions about your wildlife problem, feel free to email me, or go ahead and click the above map, and talk to the person I have listed in your city or town. They will surely be able to answer your wildlife questions, and if you wish, they can give you a price quote and quickly solve your problem - usually same-day or next-day.

I have personally trained many of the operators on this list. However, since I do list companies in over 500 US cities and towns, I of course did not train them all. However, I have spoken with all of them, and I do know that they are all dedicated wildlife control specialists, not big-name pest control companies. I have listed them for many years, and have not heard any complaints about their services - but I certainly have heard many compliments! However, if you should ever have a bad experience with any of the wildlife operators that I recommend, let me know, so that I can talk to them and perhaps revise my listings to someone better. Just give them a call, talk to them, and see for yourself.

This month's featured wildlife removal education article: Will a snake under a porch or shed have a nest of babies?

Snakes are a major cause of alarm for most people especially when you have been startled by one and just like any other animal, a snake can build its nest under a porch or shed in your yard and there are very high chances that you may bump into its babies. Just like any other animal, mother snakes will look for safe places like under the shed or porch to protect their babies.

In this situation, you have to be extra cautions especially if you intend to get rid of them because their mothers are always over protective. You have to come up with techniques that will safely get rid of the snake including the baby snakes without harming them in any manner. There are different options that are available:

Leave them alone and seek professional help

If you are scared of snakes, the best thing to do is to leave the snakes at peace under the shed or porch. NEVER provoke snakes because that might be the end of you; seeking help from the third party is the only option that you are left with. Professionals are capable of getting rid of these snakes without endangering the lives of the young ones or provoking the adult snake. Moreover, they always have proper equipment that helps get rid of them without any difficulties.

Trapping the mother snake

Trapping the snake is the most effective technique that helps get rid of snakes especially if they are under the porch and they have a nest of babies. Ensure that you set the trap in the most appropriate position and check on it frequently in that you immediately evacuate the snake away from your home the moment it is captured. At this stage, the babies are harmless which makes it easier to remove them from under the porch and safely relocate them with their mother. You should NEVER leave behind a baby snake because you will be limiting its chances for survival.

There are instances where the mother abandons its babies, the best solution is to inform the wildlife rehabilitators because they are always in a better position to help the babies out and ensure that they mature.

How will you know that there are baby snakes in the nest?

Through close monitoring you will be in a better position to conclude whether there are baby snakes in the nest. The mother will stay put in its nest during the day to protect the babies and leave during the night to search for food.

If you are not sure of existence of babies in the nest, you can sneak in during the night and monitor the areas because chances of knowing if there are baby snakes are usually high.

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