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If you are having a problem with wildlife in your Merrimack home, your best option is to hire a company that specializes in New Hampshire wildlife removal only. This is a specialty business, and regular pest control companies do not use the proper techniques to solve animal problems. I have spent many years reviewing Merrimack, and I recommend the following:

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire
Cell Phone: 603-967-4697

NOTE: If you have a dog or cat problem, call Hillsborough County Animal Services: (603) 472-3647

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire specializes primarily in removing animals from attics of homes and buildings - this includes squirrels in attics, raccoons, and rats or mice in homes. New Hampshire also has a documented problem with bats in buildings, and Wildlife X Team New Hampshire is specially trained in bat removal. They also perform general wildlife trapping services, such as the capture and removal of skunks or opossums on the property. Call 603-967-4697 to discuss your critter problem and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.

When hiring a company to solve your wild animal problem, you want these features:
    - Specializes in wildlife removal, not pest control
    - Fully New Hampshire and Hillsborough County licensed and insured
    - Works 7 days per week (critters don't take weekends off)
    - Performs full building inspections: enters and inspects attic
    - Performs exclusion repairs, with guarantee against animal re-entry
    - Offers cleanup of biohazardous wildlife waste

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire is a full-service Merrimack wildlife removal company. This is very different from a regular Merrimack pest control company. The pest control companies spray poison to kill insects. This is not at all similar to wildlife removal. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire performs a full inspection of the home or property, and determines why the animal(s) are there, and if inside a building, how the animals got inside. All animals (including rodents) are trapped and removed, or if possible, removed from the building using special exclusion devices. Once the animals are gone, preventative repairs are essential, and cleanup is sometimes recommended.

  Merrimack wildlife trapping - it's not as simple as it may seem. It's illegal in New Hampshire to trap without a license. Trap type is very important and there are many different types, bait is somewhat relevant, trap placement is vital, and there are dozens of small things that are very important to know. Safety is a concern. Then once the animal is trapped, it must be removed and dealt with in the proper manner according to New Hampshire law. We offer Merrimack raccoon removal. Read more about how to get rid of raccoons.
  Animals in attics - this is our specialty at Wildlife X Team New Hampshire. Many types of animals like to live in attics. This includes squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, bats, birds, and even possums. Critters like to go into attics for a safe place to live and raise their young. Removing animals from attics is very complex work, partly because of the presence of baby animals. If you need Merrimack squirrel removal, we can remove all the squirrels from your attic, and seal out any future ones. Read more about how to get rid of squirrels.
  Rodent control must be done in a very specific way. First off, the most important thing is that all the openings that rats and mice can use to enter a house be sealed. Then all the rodents must be physically trapped and removed. Never, ever use poison! Most Merrimack exterminators will just use this lazy poison technique to kill rodents, and it causes more harm than good - dead stinky rats, and it doesn't solve the problem. Call us for correct Merrimack rat removal. Read more about how to get rid of rats.
  Bat removal is a highly specialized task. New Hampshire is known to have colonizing bats who often live in buildings. Bats love attics. If not removed, the colony can grow to a very large size over the years. The bat droppings are often corrosive and cause health risks. The same goes for bird droppings on or in buildings. We perform Merrimack pigeon removal and bird control. But our specialty is Merrimack bat removal. We remove 100% of the bat colony and seal the building so that it's totally bat-proof. Read more about how to get rid of bats.
  If you have animals inside a house, no job is complete without proper exclusion repairs. If you simply hire a Merrimack trapper who only removes the critters, then the problem will return. You need to hire a Merrimack wildlife control company that identifies 100% of the animal entry points into your building, and seals them shut with professional repairs. In addition, in many cases animals have left waste or contamination behind, and you'll want a company that can provide professional cleaning services. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire does both.
The above are just some of the services offered by Wildlife X Team New Hampshire. We also trap and remove animals that destroy lawns, such as moles, or digging animals. Sometimes animals like opossums will live under buildings, steal pet food, raid garbage cans, etc. Read about how to get rid of opossums. Skunks commonly live under sheds or decks, and set up a den. We can trap and remove them without them spraying. Read about how to get rid of skunks. Wildlife X Team New Hampshire also provides dead animal removal in Merrimack. If you need help with any other wildlife conflict, from a fox, beaver, groundhog, or any other critter, we can solve it. We also do Merrimack snake removal - most of the snakes in New Hampshire are not venomous, but call us if you want safe removal, or read about how to get rid of snakes in Merrimack. And remember, we are a private business, not Hillsborough County Animal Control Services, so if you have a dog or cat problem, call the County at (603) 472-3647. Hillsborough County animal services does not handle any wildlife issues.

Wildlife X Team New Hampshire
Cell Phone: 603-967-4697

Merrimack Wildlife Tip #1:
How To Scare A Mouse Away

Many people find mice very lovely creatures due to their furry body and a cute face but in actual they are very annoying animals. Once they find a way to your house, they will execute their destruction plan and can make your house a complete mess within seconds. If you do not take preventive measures on time, these tiny creatures can become difficult to control as they breed very fast.

The key solution to keep mouse away from your house is to maintain perfect cleaning inside. Most of the time, mice visit your home just in search of food and in case if they find it, they will also prefer to choose a dark corner of your house to create their den. Most of the time, you can find these wild animals attacking your attic area. This warm and cozy place helps them to live comfortably with their babies.

In order to force mice to move out of your premise, prefer to put all the foodstuff in airtight containers so that mice cannot have a direct access to the eatables. Experts recommend using home-based treatments to get rid of mice. The best idea is to try peppermint oil as mice hat strong smell of this deterrent. It will add a fresh smell to your house while scaring the mice move out of it. You can also prefer to plant some peppermint plants in your garden, near entry points or can try few in your kitchen garden as well.

Another useful solution to scare mice is the snake feces. You can use them to scare these rodents after getting dried; however, they are easily available at nearby reptile zoo. You can also find them at pet stores; once you buy few, simply put them at the entry points that are often accessed by mice.

Research proves that mice do not like noise; they love to spend time at the calm and warm place. Ultrasonic sounds irritate them the most so you can use this trick to scare them. You can easily find a specially designed electronic device that keeps on radiating ultrasound frequencies to the surrounding space. It appears too irritating to the mice and they prefer to leave the space where such instruments are installed.

If the home based remedies are not able to provide desired results, it is good to call professionals to get rid of mice infestations. These professionals can visit your living place as per the most convenient time that suits you and will inspect the whole house to mark the mice entry points and breeding area. They will check for whether mice have babies in your living space or not. After inspecting the whole area, they will look for the most suitable method to take away all the mice from your property. Once the home becomes free from these annoying rodents, they will seal all the entry points to make sure that mice will never return to your premises. It is the easiest way to make your home a secure place for living.

Merrimack Wildlife Tip #2:

New Hampshire Wildlife Information:

You can always call Wildlife X Team New Hampshire, any time of day, at 603-967-4697, for a price quote for Merrimack wildlife control services. I am confident that this is the best choice amongst wildlife removal companies in Merrimack, NH.

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