Information About Beavers

Beavers are classified as larger, nocturnal and semiaquatic rodents that are known for building dams. The two popular species are known for building canals, lodges and dams. The most important piece of information related with them is that beavers are actually known as 2nd largest rodents on earth. The colonies associated with them are known for creating dams, which deliver still and deeper water that extends decent protection against pillager. In addition to this dams are also used for many other purposes such as floating foods and material for building. Recently a decline in the population of beavers has been noticed and this has happened because of more than enough as there is a great demand present for the fur of beaver.


Riparian zone serves as the habitat of beaver and one significant point to mention here is that actions of beavers are responsible for the health and prosperity of water systems present in Northern Hemisphere. Beavers enjoy the status of operating as key species in ecosystems as they create wetlands that are actually used by many other species. Another, important point to mention here is that beavers also have the potential of leaving an influence upon different kinds of climatic changes.

Beavers are also responsible for falling of trees and different reasons are present behind these kinds of developments. Mature and larger tress are actually targeted at decent locations because the focus is upon making the foundation of dams, but it has also been noticed that European beavers normally prefer to use trees with smaller diameter. The dams are created by beavers for acting as defence against different types of predators like wolves, bears, coyotes and also they provide simple and easy access to eatables during winter season. They prefer to do most of the work during night and are creative builders as they efficiently carry stones and mud by their paws. This indicates towards the point that it is actually very much difficult to destroy the dam of beaver especially when it is present there. Beavers are capable of building a dam overnight or they can also prefer to create a series of dams alongside river.


The family consists of pair of adult male and female in the form of monogamous couple along with kits as well as yearlings. The family can include as many as ten members including the pair. The pair normally mates for the entire lifetime, but if one member of the pair dies then the surviving member finds another partner. Male and females both take their parts in taking care of young ones. Both of them also mark as well as defend their territories and together deal with building and repair of lodges and dams. Go back to the How to get rid of beavers home page.

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