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How to use One-way exclusion funnels to remove armadillos

People might not be in the mood to kill Armadillos that invade their yards. A person might be interested in removing it and by this I mean without any harm. The aid of a device which would remove these armadillos from one’s lawn or yard without trapping or harming them is very important. The best device to use in this case is called a One-Way door funnel. These are also called One-way door exclusion funnels. These are devices that are placed or mounted candidly on top of hole where a small animal is using to access or exit a place or a house. The use of these devices is an effective way of removing animals, in this case armadillos from your yard, without having to trap them and harm them.

It is easy to make a one-way door exclusion funnel by yourself. One might also consider purchasing one. It is one thing to get or make one but it is another thing to know how to use it. You might make or buy a one-way door exclusion funnel but end up not knowing how to use it. Therefore, it is significant to know how to use one so that an Armadillo can be removed from one’s yard effectively without having to trap it.

The following is a basic walk-through explanation of how to use a one-way exclusion funnel to get rid of armadillos without having to trap them:
  1. First, identify the hole that the Armadillo is uses to get in and out of the yard. There might be several holes but an armadillo likes using the best and safest route it can think of meaning that one hole might be preferable for it, in case there are many holes. Find the most popular hole.
  2. If you feel like all the holes should be sealed, do it. It does no harm to seal all holes. It actually improves on the efficiency of the method.
  3. All the seals should be made of steel to prevent the armadillo from digging through it.
  4. The one way exclusion funnel is actually funnel shaped therefore one end in slimmer than the other. If an armadillo comes out of the ‘door’ or opening, the slim nature of one of the ends of the funnel will not allow it to go back in.
  5. After placing the funnel on top of the hole or holes, make sure it does not trap the armadillo when it gets out of the hole. Trapping it may cause harm to the armadillo in terms of starvation or injury.
  6. Wait for the armadillo to come out of the funnel and it will leave since it will not be able to go back in.
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