How to Keep Armadillos Away From Your Yard

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Armadillos are mammals that you don’t see every day; however, they can certainly appear on your property from time to time. These mammals are in the central parts of the United States and South Africa. There are at least 20 breeds that are distinguished according to some of their characteristics. They can live up to 15 years and reach to a height of 5 ft. They have an outer shell covering over their bodies that looks like armor in a sense, which helps them move around without hurting themselves through the forest. Yes, they have little midget feet, but rest assured that when danger presents itself, they move pretty fast. Even though they have such poor eye sight, their strong sense of smell allows them to smell their predators before they’re able to reach them. Believe it or not, these little guys can dig at least 10-15 burrows in your yard that can go as deep as 20 feet. They can even create 4-5 entrances just in case of emergencies. So, how can you outsmart the little fellow and get him out of your yard?

Eliminate Food Source with Pesticides
Surely you’ve heard that if you get rid of what the armadillos eat, there won’t be a reason for them to visit your yard anymore. Many people do this with pesticides. Now don’t get me wrong, you can eliminate armadillos this way effectively; however, you may just eliminate your family, pets and other animals as well. Pesticides and other repellants that are put on or around your yard or garden can contain chemicals that are not just harmful to the armadillos, but everyone else including pets. Not to mention, the chemicals can be toxic to your plants which makes them not safe for you and your children to eat whether you wash them or not. Effective solutions are not harmful to anyone which makes this solution unacceptable. The fact that you have to use it continually makes it expensive as well.

Liquid Repellants
Liquid fence is a form of armadillo repellant that is sprayed over your entire yard. It basically forms a liquid fence over the armadillo’s food source discouraging the pesky mammal from digging anymore burrows in your yard. It’s family, pet and animal friendly meaning that it’s supposed to be safe for anyone or anything that comes in contact with it. The company that provides the product promises that this product will work up to 4 weeks or your money back. Good advertising right? The truth is that this product says nothing about reaching 20 feet beneath the soil where armadillos can dig. Sure, put a layer of the liquid fence over the top soil and water it as usual, but if they’re already there, who’s to say they’ll go away. They can still come to the surface and just dig deeper burrows. Products like this insinuate that you must keep buying the product to maintain desired results. Do you have that kind of money to keep spending? Besides, even the animal control experts have acknowledged that in most cases these types of repellants have to be mixed with pesticides to provide better results, which causes you to spend even more money and take more health risks to you and your family.

It has been said that if you put a fence around the area that is being disrupted by the armadillo, then they won’t bother trying to get in. To make this work, you’re supposed to dig underneath your garden or yard about 6 inches and install a fence inside of a trench, which can be purchased together at your local hardware store. After you’ve done this around the entire area, place dirt over the trench and fence that is in the ground. This alone is supposed to keep the armadillos out. However, the clever armadillo can easily decide to just dig a little deeper to get to what they want. The only true repellant for armadillos is trapping them and removing them. If they are relocated, they won’t have a choice but to stay way.

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