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What is a maternity colony?

A maternity colony is a group of females that are pregnant female bats that are usually protected until they give birth. Maternity colonies are popular during the summer because according to bats, it is the most appropriate time to give birth and raise their young ones.

How to identify a maternity colony - Scientists have carried out research on this aspect and they were able to come up with the following observations: During summer, many bats usually spend most of their time from morning to evening just resting in sites that have been secluded and their respective roosts. Further studies showed that in these roosts there were certain bats that were protected. Female bats that are pregnant are usually protected by specific male bats when they are pregnant and this is what is defined as the maternity colon. The bats are usually protected until they give birth to their young ones; the young ones will also be protected until they are mature enough to vent for themselves.

It is also simple to identify a maternity colony because in most cases, these bats will roost in building and under tree barks because they consider these places as safe for their young ones. Bats in the maternity colony will always be careful and keep away from danger and in most cases the protectors will always be aggressive. Whenever you come across these roosts, you have to be very cautious to avoid being attacked by the protectors of the maternity colony. You have to avoid being bitten by the bats because there are chances that you may be infected by certain diseases that they carry.

You also have to know that bats that form the maternity colonies are usually harmless unless you to invade their privacy and disrupt them from their peaceful accord. When you come across any maternity colony, you have to try hard not to disturb them because you will be able to shield yourself from getting into any trouble. Maternity colonies are rare to come across but during summer, you are likely to bump into several of them.

Once the young ones are born and raised to their right ages, the maternity colonies are usually broken and they will abandon that habitat and search for another safe place. The reason why the maternity habitat is not used after the young bats have been raised is because these habitats are usually vulnerable and they are only perfect havens when the bats are pregnant.

Maternity colonies are therefore temporary and they will last only for a couple of months unlike the other types of roosts that are usually used by the bats for a whole season. All scientists are always impressed when they come across such colonies because they know that they do not last for a long period of time. Go back to the How to get rid of bats home page.

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