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What is a bat’s mating habits?

Bats are known for living in larger colonies and for them it is never very much difficult to find a partner to mate. Generally it is noted that females as well as males stay segregated, but at the time of mating they face no difficulty in finding each other. Once females are pregnant a good number of them can formulate maternity colony, which can be actually considered as a sub region of large colony. This is helpful for the females as they can survive in a better manner. For bats breeding season is spring during which temperature is warm also it is the time of year during which the animal can find majority of food supplies without putting in much efforts. Conventionally they have a single breeding season. It is now very much possible for females to have two to three litters in the conventional time frame, but during a time only one baby bat will be born.

For mothers the procedure of taking care of young baby can be a difficult task as she has to continue flying with baby in body for finding abundant supply of food. Young bats drink mother’s milk and during first few weeks of their life are dependent upon it. At the time of birth wings are not completely developed and after development of wings they can start search of food on their own. Important point to mention here is that females have to do a lot for their offspring, but they don’t get opportunity of spending considerable time with them as they spend most of the time searching for food. Generally young ones reach the age of maturity and get capable of surviving on their own from 6 weeks to 4 months of age. Because of this reason a good number of bat species are capable of reproducing several times during one single season. The young bats generally hang from the belly of their mothers as this is the region where they mostly sleep or eat also the body of mother provides them warmth.

The reproduction procedure of bats has fascinated experts for a long time. Females are naturally very much intelligent and sharp when it is about manipulating their pregnancy time and time of birth. Conventionally this will happen when food will be present in higher number also the rate is very much higher during the time period when external conditions are the best and most suitable. These factors vary from one environment to another so based on the fact where bats live it is very much interesting to observe these kinds of behaviors. These factors have played a strong part in ensuring the survival of bats in a convincing manner over all these years. Go back to the How to get rid of bats home page.

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