How much damage can Beavers cause?

Beaver is a nocturnal rodent which is commonly noted for building canals, dams, as well as lodges. These are known as the 2nd largest rodents in the earth coming next to capybara. Their colonies are known for creating dams, which deliver still and deeper water and this is used for protection against predators. Beavers are responsible for falling of trees in a number of locations. Actually they do this for forming the foundations of dams and European beavers normally prefer to use trees of small diameter for such kind of tasks and purposes. It has been already mentioned above that beavers are very good at creating ponds using mud and sticks. Inside the pond you can find lodges, which have the job of providing protection and cover. There is also the presence of winter food underwater also in many cases a network of canals is present which is used for providing quicker escape routes in case of emergency.

The damage caused by beavers

Within a past few years an increase in the number of population of beavers has been noticed in the urban settlements and for this credit goes to alternations and changes that are taking place in patterns of land. It is common to see these creatures in parks, roads and even inside houses because of the prevailing trends. The presence of beavers in human settlements in great numbers has resulted into the creation of a good variety of problems. The dam building activity, which is associated with them, is known for producing many undesirable outcomes. The damage which is caused by beavers in urban settlements is worth 6 million dollars in New York also the Department of Environment Conservation receives a good number of complains every year because of beavers. Beavers act as a threat of flood for upstream areas in addition to this they damage plants and trees, flood homes, accumulate unwanted water at highways and railroads also they are known for impairing the wells as well as other forms and types of drainage systems. They also bring many health related risks and hazards because we all know that accumulated water acts as a source of growth for development of a good number of pathogens.

Another issue is that it is not very much easy to solve beaver problems because the animal that has damaged your land can also build a dam inside the property of your neighbor. It is therefore, very much important that timely steps should be taken and beaver should never be allowed to build pond in your area. You should never allow beavers to enter your property and for this help should be taken from experts. Once the animal has been successful in invading your area you should take measured steps for making things to work in your favor.

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