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How to stop beavers eating trees?

Beavers impose stronger risks towards the existence of trees, which stand in any kind of garden. Nature has given them strong jaws that have the potential of bringing down larger trees without putting in much effort so you have to be extremely careful while dealing with these creatures as their presence can create a great amount of trouble. It should be mentioned here, that for environment beavers are generally considered as great assets, but they can be extremely harmful for home gardens. You should take all the relevant steps for putting a check upon the activity of beavers because if these get out of control, then damage will be extensive. Good thing is that a variety of beaver control methods are present so it is upon you to make the selection of proper procedure so that things can be handled in a decent fashion.

Let’s discuss some of the prominent and most used methods which are known for providing results.
  • Fencing is a great strategy which provides great assistance to users when they are dealing with beaver related issues. In fact, it is known for working efficiently for areas that are small and need more attention. Woven mesh wires are normally used for fencing different kinds of plants, trees as well as gardens. Important aspects related with fencing are that it should be three feet high and must be buried three to four inches in ground for excluding the possibility of any kind of beaver invasion. Individual trees can also be fenced, but care should be taken that fencing should be placed at a distance of 10 inches from tree. Electric fencing is another option and you can use it as well according to the imposed requirements.
  • You can also capture and relocate beavers this is another option, which is considered as effective. There are different types of traps present and you can make the selection keeping in considering the demands imposed by your situation. The conibear traps are considered as extremely popular here because they provide decent results in a convincing fashion. . You can also use snares and in majority of cases these are taken as safer and convenient options, which can be afforded as well.
  • Another option, which is least acceptable, is killing the animal and in many states it is illegal as well. This should only be done when there is no other way left. Prior to getting involved in any such activity we suggest that you should prefer to get in touch with local environmental officer for getting information related with laws and other relevant issues. In case of trouble it is best to call professionals for handling such tasks as they can provide you best support.
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