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How to Remove A Bird Inside Home

There’s nothing like opening the door to get the morning paper and ducking for life when a bird suddenly flies into your home, uninvited. In a wild array of squawking and feathers, they fly throughout your home, seeking a way out while they crash into walls, doors, windows, lamps and other items in your home. They may even dive bomb you in their frantic pursuit of escape. They can fly into objects, get caught into wires or hit by the fan. Once a bird enters the house you need to act fast and do some necessary and important things.

First of all turn off all the ceiling fans in order to protect them from getting hurt. Then, open all the windows and doors of the house and remove the screens if they are present. Also, close all of the doors within the home that lead to other rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Carefully try to force the bird to move to a room which has windows or doors for it to fly out. In case it is scared and is not moving at all, use a net to get hold of it and leave it outside.

If the bird is injured or not moving because of shock, wrap it in a clean towel and place in a shoe box with holes in it. Let it recover. If it is badly injured, call up animal control in your area for help.

In case, you find a bird having a nest in your home, the situation calls for a much more cautious approach. A bird roosting in the house can cause a number of problems like droppings all around the home including on your favorite clothes or on a precious showpiece. They can cause damage to property and are carriers of diseases that can pass onto humans. Children, elderly and those with a weak immune system are more likely to catch such diseases.

In order to drive the bird out, hang a visual distraction near the nest that scares it and forces it to stay away. Helium filled foil balloons, balloon with certain prints on them like the eyes of a predator, windsocks, whirligigs or long shiny straps that blow with the wind can be some great options. There are a number of scare devices available in the market as well that are specially designed to scare away the birds.

Replica of birds which attack other smaller birds made of plastic like hawks or owls can also be used. However, these might not be effective in all cases and birds might get used to them – or even try to make friends with them.

Sound can also be used to remove the birds from house. There are devices in the market that produce warning sounds and follows up with the predator’s cry. There are other instruments that produce loud frightening sounds. These can be really helpful in driving away the bird from home.

Hardware cloth or netting can be tied around the nest in a way that the bird is not able to reach it. However, before you tie the cloth or netting, ensure that there are no young ones in the nest as separating them from the mother might lead to their death. You would also need to take care of the dead baby birds in that case. If there are young birds in the nest, wait for them to be old enough to fly before using this method.

Another great method of forcing out the bird from home is cutting the supply of food for it. You would need to check the food it generally eats and remove it from the area. Remove the available water source in the surrounding area as well. Also check the plants around the house on which the bird might be feeding upon and cover it to stop the access. This would force the bird to move out to a new location. is dedicated to providing education about complete, responsible, and humane wildlife removal. It is my hope that you resolve your wild animal conflict in the smartest way possible - effective for you, and as kind as possible to the animals. In some cases, you can do it yourself, for free. In other cases, wildlife removal is complex, dangerous, and subject to various state laws. If you are unable to solve it on your own, consider hiring a hand-picked (by me) professional from my Nationwide Directory of Wildlife Removal Companies, serving over 650 US cities and towns. You can also browse around my hundreds of articles and photos on this site to learn more about solving your particular wildlife problem. You can also feel free to write to me with questions. Thanks for visiting!

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