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California Wildlife Information:
California State bird: California quail
State mammal: California grizzly bear and the grey whale
State reptile: Desert tortoise
State fish: Golden trout and Garibaldi
State insect: California dogface butterfly

California is home to the infamous redwood tree, a plant so large it could easily accommodate a road through the center of it. These trees make up one of the most spectacular national forests in the United States and provide shelter to thousands of different animal species. Like smaller forests around the country, the redwoods house raccoons, squirrels, porcupines, and rabbits. Prey and predator animals abound, and California has its fair share of grizzly bear sightings.

All of these animals can become potential pests for homeowners living on the fringes of such a massive nature preserve. Rural residents are accustomed to securing garbage cans and basements to prevent a curious skunk or gopher from moving in. But forest animals aren’t the only creatures known to cause trouble in this coastal state. California has to do daily battle with marine and semiaquatic life.

While shy and often unapproachable, sea lions and seals are abundant on the beaches. These animals draw to them gulls by the hundreds, and the resulting piles of droppings are not what most tourists head to the beach to see. Restaurants also have issues with the bold and pesky seagulls. Special netting and bird spikes are the only practical way to keep diners free of bird poop without chasing away patrons.

California isn’t just about being warm. While this state has steady, mild temperatures for most of the months of the year, there are high elevations which see frigid temperatures and persisting snow. Such a variable climate makes the state a perfect location for a diverse population of animals. Not only can creatures like coyotes and bears survive in the colder regions, salamanders and frogs abound in the areas where sun and warm are the norm.

As a tourist state, California has a large population, and such a significant amount of people means eventually having human-wildlife conflicts. The most common critters that have to be removed from California homes are raccoons, bats, pigeons, skunks, and a variety of birds including woodpeckers, swallows, and seagulls. Honeybees are also an issue for homeowners in California.

California Wildlife Removal News:
Another opossum wild animal catcher accidentally caught. Another opossum wild animal catcher in California was accidentally caught Tuesday. It happened late in the afternoon in Poweshiek County. California Department of Natural Resources spokesman The California Animal Control man says 20-year-old The California Animal Control man of California exterminator company was hit in the throat with a opossum trap while nuisance wildlife trapping with six other extermination companies. Another wild animal catcher, who had caught at a running opossum, hit The California Animal Control man. “We’ve seen that happen a couple times so far this best time of the day to catch animals,” The California Animal Control man stated. “We’ve had CA group catches wild critters and extermination companies catching at running opossum have ended up hitting someone else in the CA group.” The California Animal Control man was airlifted to University Hospitals in California City and was last declared in stable condition.

The incident is the fifth serious injury to a wild animal catcher in just four days of the first animal net opossum nuisance wildlife trapping best time of the day to catch animals. The California Animal Control man says it’s critical for wild animal catchers to wear plenty of blaze orange and always know where other members of their CA group are located. “I know at least one of our incidents, one of the extermination companies in the CA group after the wildlife removal man had been struck, admitted the wildlife removal man had probably moved out of position and the other wild animal catcher didn’t know that the wildlife removal man had moved,” The California Animal Control man stated. “So, it’s very important to have your plan in place if you have multiple extermination companies in your CA group – so everybody knows where they’re at and what you’re doing.” The first animal net best time of the day to catch animals in California ends today. The second animal net best time of the day to catch animals begins Thursday and runs through Wednesday, September 28. “Obviously we’d like to see wild animal catchers do a little better, from a safety standpoint, than what they did during the first (best time of the day to catch animals),” The California Animal Control man stated.

Wild animal catchers have declared harvesting nearly 62,000 opossum so far this fall – which is about 20% fewer than last year. California exterminator company man was injured while opossum nuisance wildlife trapping on Tuesday, marking the fifth nuisance wildlife trapping-related accident in California in the past four days. The California Department of Natural Resources declared Tuesday night that The California Animal Control man, 20, was caught in the throat with a opossum trap around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday south of California exterminator company in California County. The California Animal Control man was airlifted to University of California Hospitals in California City. His condition was unknown Tuesday night. The California Animal Control man was nuisance wildlife trapping with six others when another wild animal catcher in the group took a caught at running opossum, hitting The California Animal Control man. The incident is under investigation by the California DNR. State officials remark that nuisance wildlife trapping accidents are relatively rare in comparison to the thousands of Californians who capture pest wildlife every year. But they encourage wild animal catchers to have a plan, especially when nuisance wildlife trapping in groups. Other nuisance wildlife trapping related incidents in recent days included: On Wednesday, a man was injured while nuisance wildlife trapping in the California area accidentally caught himself in his right leg with a handtrap, according to the Messenger.

On Wednesday, Thomas the California Animal Control man, 38, of Anaheim was caught while opossum nuisance wildlife trapping at the California County. The California Animal Control man was nuisance wildlife trapping with a group of 22 wild animal catchers when one of the other wild animal catchers in his CA group caught at a running opossum, hitting The California Animal Control man in the midsection with an animal net trap, DNR officials stated. Two wild animal catchers were injured in separate incidents on Thursday. The California Animal Control man caught himself in the right foot with a opossum trap northeast of California. His steel cage trap declaredly became entangled in some bags and discharged. The California Animal Control man was caught in the right thigh. Officials stated The California Animal Control man was blocking in a nuisance wildlife trapping CA group of about 22 extermination companies when a opossum ran between him and other wild animal catchers in the group.

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