About Coyotes

The Coyote is an animal that belongs to the dog (Canidae) family. This is the same family comprising of Dogs, Jackals and Wolves. There are about 19 categories of coyotes according to the taxonomic system of classification.

Let us explore this interesting animal which resembles the dog and the fox in almost every way.

The Coyote has an elongated narrow snout like the fox and their bodies are lean and usually covered with a lot of fur. Its eyes are usually amber or yellow in colour and their tails usually resemble those of the fox, which are bushy and long. Coyotes can be of different colours, namely grey, brown and white. The colour of their fur, like most omnivorous mammals animals, depends on the location in which they live. Dark-coated coyotes are usually spotted in mountain areas while the lighter-coated ones are usually found in deserted areas or deserts. The size of a coyote is about the size of a middle-aged dog. They are usually smaller than the wolf so it is easily distinguished. From their rump to their head, they are usually 80 to 94 centimetres is length and the tail brings almost another 40 centimetres to the length. The coyotes usually weigh about 9 kilograms from infantry to 23 kilograms when mature.

Coyotes are considered to be animals that can adapt to any environment. They usually have various habitats. The coyote usually desires open grounds or areas such as deserts or prairies. They are found in the northern parts of America and usually move around the forests, deserts and mountain areas of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. As people continue to take up more land and build skyscrapers and other housing projects, the coyotes are moving into urban areas in search of food. They usually mark their surrounding or territory with ammonia i.e. their own urine.

Unlike the fox, the coyote is not an animal that is selective. They are usually though to only eat meat but they also feed on vegetables. Their diet is usually rodents, fish, rabbits, frogs and also larger animals like the deer. When there is a shortage of prey that is big in size, they will feed on snakes, fruits, grass and insects. Humans usually consider coyotes to be pests because they usually attack livestock. They also attack pets.

The season of breeding is usually from February to the end of March. The period of gestation of females is 60 days and gives birth to groups of three, four or twelve offspring at a time.

Coyotes usually develop very strong groups, mainly families and they have very good vision which is important for hunting on the field.

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