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How do you know if you have flying squirrels in your attic

Flying squirrels tend to find a safe place, where there is little light and ample supply of food. What better place there is than your attic? Many times, people tend to confuse the presence of flying squirrels in their attic with other animals. In this article, we will tell you how to figure out whether the animals present in your attic is a flying squirrel or not.

When you start to heal different kinds of scrabbling and scratching during the night, there are high chances that the animals that is disturbing your peace in the middle of the night is a flying squirrel. However, if you hear the same voices during the day, then it is highly unlikely that it is flying squirrel because they tend to stay in their nest during the daylight. Unlike their other earthbound relatives, flying squirrels are nocturnal and they are also very social. They live in colonies i.e. if you see one squirrel in your attic, chances are there are more than you can handle.

Another effective way to figure out whether the animal living in your attic is flying squirrel or not is go up and check it yourself. If you have an access to your attic, we recommend that you should check it out yourself. The animals that are living up are not going to attack you on the contrary, they are scared of you. If flying squirrels are living there you will come across leaves and other debris such as nuts all around your attic. You will also come across squirrels dropping that are left behind by these flying squirrels. These squirrels’ drops’ are oval in shape and very smooth.

Use flour in order to confirm that the animal living in your attic is a flying squirrel. You need to sprinkle 8-10 wide band of flour all over your attic perimeter. Once the animal walks on it, you will be able to see foot prints. Flying squirrels have front fee that contain sharp claws and four digits. The squirrel track is usually one to one and a half inches long. You will also see three large palm pads.

Since squirrels are very smart, intelligent and curious. They will make home anywhere they find a sage place, a place that offers less light and ample found supply. Once you are sure that the animal in your attic is a squirrel it is imperative that you take action right then and there. So, you need to set traps in order to remove them but before that you need to do a little detective work such as find the entry point and much more. Go back to the How to get rid of flyingsquirrels home page.

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