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How to get flying squirrels out of the attic

Small rodents or flying squirrels do not fly on the contrary they glide. But since they glide through the air with the help of their skin flaps it looks like they fly. They have the ability to stretch their legs from front to back legs. They are live in colonies and are nocturnal. People who have flying squirrels in the attic tend to complain regarding the noises in the walls and ceiling at night. They also complain that their woods are being chewed along with their electrical wires. Another major problem that people come across is the odor problem. In this article we will educate you how to remove these flying squirrels from your attic.

Remove the food resource

These squirrels will come to your attic either in search of food or to look for a safe place to live in. If you want to get rid of these squirrels from your attic you need to get rid of their food source. Removing their food source is considered to be the best repellant. In order to do this, the first thing you need is clean your home, attic and yard. Also, all your garbage should be placed in metal trash can, removing the access to garbage means eliminating one source of food for these flying squirrels.

The second step is to switch the feed feeders. If you have a bird feeder at your place you need to switch it with a bird feeder that will not allow animals as big as squirrels to eat food. Once their source of food is eliminated there will be no reason for them to stick around. But remember, this does not always work, especially when you have a yard in your home, they will come back for the animals there and then make a safe home in your attic.

Repair your attic

This is a very important step, you need to close the place from where these animals are entering. In order to do the first thing you need to notice is the place from where these flying squirrels are entering your attic. Once done, you can then put a trap there in order to remove them. While the trap is there you need to make all the required repairs. You need to seal the cracks or other places that might provide them as an entry.

Moth Balls

You can moth balls in your attic. However, before you do this you need to understand that with time the moth balls tend to evaporate and they make the air around them poisonous. Nonetheless, they are a good way to get rid of the flying squirrels living in the attic. You can clean your attic with the help of these moth balls. Go back to the How to get rid of flyingsquirrels home page.

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