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How to trap or exclude flying squirrels

Flying squirrels are very intelligent creature, thus you need to be a little smart yourself in order to trap or exclude them. However, the first and one of the most imperative steps is to cut off their food supply as soon as possible. Pet food and waste material is among the primary food resources for these squirrels, you need to remove them instantly. Since garbage is the most appropriate way for these squirrels to get hold of their food and to avoid this you need to use metal cans. Because the metal won’t let the squirrel preach it, thus cutting their food supply. Or you should place your garbage cans in places that are not accessible to these squirrels. Another good way to exclude flying squirrels is to remove bird feeders.

You also need to trim of the unrequired branches of the trees located around your place. Trimming the branches will restrict their flight to a certain extent. You should also temporary close some of the entry points of your house in order to block the entry of these flying squirrels. This will not only stop new squirrels from coming in, but it will also trap the current inside. Once they are trapped, you can easily catch them and remove them. Instead of killing them, we recommend that you take them some place far away. Use can also use sticky materials that you can easily find in the market. You need to apply this sticky material onto the surface that they flying squirrels use to climb. This material will make it difficult for the flying squirrels to crawl.

You can also use repellents like moth balls and naphthalene. These repellent will help you get rid of the flying squirrels as they have the ability to drive them away from your house. You should keep the moth balls in front of their entry and exit point. But trapping the flying squirrels is the best way to get rid of them. However, if you think you can trap them easily, you need to think again. Trapping these squirrels is not an easy task. So, we recommend that instead of experimenting, you need to contact a professional and get the job done. If you want to do it on your own, then you can opt for the different cages available in the market. They are pretty effective and you need to buy the one that has a small mesh. A small mesh will not allow the squirrel to escape. Also, make sure that the bait is near the place from where they enter and exit. Once, they are gone you need to secure all the places from where the squirrel might enter again. After all it’s better to be safe than sorry. Go back to the How to get rid of flyingsquirrels home page.

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