How to Keep Foxes Away From Your Property

Foxes are very dangerous animals since they can attack your pets and also kill poultry. There are very many ways that you can use to keep foxes out of your property. What are some of these reasons?

Use of water jets

Water jets sprinkle a rain of water on anything within their proximity. They should be installed strategically to ensure that they water any animal that comes near your property. You should note that water jets can destroy some of your properties like wooden structures and electronics and so should be kept away from these things. This limits the effectiveness of water jets to gardens and farms or open fields.

Use of sound repellants

Sound repellants are an easy way to prevent foxes from venturing into your garden. Just ensure that the sound is not too loud to disturb your family or your neighbors. In addition, you cannot keep the sound running all day as you risk irritating other people and this means that you must invest in a machine that is activated by motion. This means that the loud sound will only be produced when a fox passes by.

Use of spikes

This is the oldest for defense against animals. Just buy animal spikes from your local hardware store and then install them. The spikes should be sharp so that they can pierce the foxes and dissuade them from trying to venture further into your garden. You can buy positional spikes to be placed on entry points only, or you can buy a spiked fence. The spiked fence is obviously more costly but offers more protection from foxes.

Use of snap-traps

These are traps that snap at the slightest touch. They can be a good weapon against foxes since they injure any fox that touches them. They are placed on the ground and concealed from sight. The traps should be appropriately used to avoid harming of pets and other people. You should also remember that some of these traps can kill an animal and this makes them dangerous since they can injure you if you mishandle them.

Use of ultrasonic equipment

This equipment produces a special kind of noise that can only be heard by the target animals. Humans cannot hear the sound produced, but it is very irritating to foxes and other animals. These devices are motion activated and have a battery of their own that can last for half a year. The devices are safe and easy to install. However, they may be costly and can be destroyed by hash weather conditions like heavy rains.

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