Should Foxes be Domesticated?

We have to blame it on the Bambi syndrome(a disorder where rational thought is thrown out the window) narcissism, novelty, aggression or cuteness. Whichever your pick is, it definitely has an impact on the increasing number of foxes being brought into peoples homes as pets. Although highly unconventional , it is not impossible to own a fox. For $8000 you can import one of these furry creatures into your home from Russia,which pioneered domestication of wild foxes so that they could be easy to handle in their fur industry. Domestication, is not the same as taming- domestication is breeding of specific genetic characteristics while taming is just conditioned behavior. This is the kind of information you would need to know if planning to acquire a fox for a pet.

The Russian variety(the silver fox), after selective breeding of about forty generations has produced a strain of foxes that are very similar to dogs in behavioral traits and partly their appearance except they are still foxes-just not wild, which is very good news to pet lovers. However, there are a number of considerations to determine just how well foxes are suited to be pets.

Unlike dogs,foxes cannot be trained to perform tricks. Granted, they can obey certain commands but they naturally have a short attention span which makes teaching them tricks really challenging. Just like other pets, you would need to pet-proof your home so that they don't ruin furniture or drapes with their nails or their nasty smelling urine.

They are definitely not for everyone. If you are allergic to other animals then foxes are probably not an exception. Foxes need special attention- first, you would need to find a good vet who has experience in dealing with foxes and if you cannot then there goes your dream pet. They need to be brushed regularly as they shed heavily during summer. They also need special outdoor enclosures that allow them enough room for playing and digging as foxes have a stronger impulse for digging than dogs.

Foxes are also considered rabies factors so unless you are willing to take the risk then it would be advisable to keep them away from your home and especially other pets.

On the plus side, they do not need regular baths as that is harmful to their skin. However, they need to be maintained clean with clipped nails and flea-free fur. They are also omnivorous which is an advantage as they can eat a large variety of foods but steer clear of those that would make your other pets sick. Most importantly, make sure the law in your area of residence allows for exotic pets to avoid trouble with animal control.

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