How to get Foxes From under a Shed or a Porch

Foxes are very stubborn animals that can spend a whole day under a shed especially when they feel threated. However, there are some methods that you can use to remove the foxes from under your shed.

Use of pepper
Pepper irritates the eyes of most animals. If you want to remove some foxes from under your shed, then this is the best natural product to use. Just spray a generous amount of pepper on the foxes and this will be enough to get rid of them. Remember to focus on their heads so you can increase the chances of the foxes inhaling the pepper or the pepper sticking into their eyes.

This is the most common animal repellant in use today. Its strong odor is what makes it an important repellant against animals. A small amount of ammonia sprinkled under your shed is enough to get rid of the foxes. If they come back, you can sprinkle some more ammonia under your shed. With time, the foxes will refrain from venturing under your shed. Alternatively, soak some rags in ammonia and through them under the shed. The bad odor will drive away these unwanted animals very effectively.

Hot water
Many people think that animals cannot be chased away using hot water. However, they forget that the burning sensation affects these animals almost in a similar way as it injures humans. Just pour a generous helping of hot water on these stubborn creatures and they will be scampering away within minutes. However, there are very many people who consider this method inhumane since it can injure the animal badly.

Use of sound deterrents
Foxes do not like loud abrupt sounds. This means that using loud sounds as a way to chase away foxes can be very effective. In fact, you do not need a motion activated sound machine since you already have the location of the animals. Just set the sound machine and then switch it on at once, however, you must ensure that the sound is loud enough to be scary to the foxes.

This is another very effective method of dealing with unwanted foxes. Just uses a piece of electrical wire or a hand held electrocution machine. Just ensure the charge from your machine is not too high since you may injure the foxes permanently or even kill them. Poke them will a long stick This may seem stupid but it has worked for very many people. All you need is a long stick that can be pointed at the end or not. Poke the dominating fox or the foxes that seem feared by the others. You should poke hard enough to inflict pain to dissuade the animals from coming back again.

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