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Is a fox that is active during the day rabid?

Foxes are among the many creatures attached with myths and misjudgements among humans. Many people would consider them vicious and scary animals that can growl at or pounce on you anytime and for whatever reason. That they are just up to kill and destroy. Well, contrary to that, foxes are such mild creatures that bear little harm than perceived and if tamed well, can actually be a cute pet.

If at all you spot a fox in your front yard or hanging around your porch, don’t go out reaching for your gun to shoot the innocent little fella. The guy comes in peace. He has no business of raging a war with you. So, just relax and let the fella walk away softly as he came. On the other hand, the fox eats vegetables and it might have come to look for food. If you feel that it will destroy your vegetation just chase it away. They are usually scared of humans unless provoked or cornered.

Foxes are not as active during the day as they are at dawn or dusk. They keep to themselves, to their own packs, worrying about their young ones more than they do about coming to cause havoc in your home. Once in a while if they run out of food, they’ll come to human settlements. If not to search garbage cans, they could as well wait on some human to act kind enough and give them some food. But if hunting stretches its limits, they’ll go for the hens you keep or any other little pets they may find. But this happens in rare cases. The creatures are just as scared of people as you are of spiders.

At the slightest suggestive movement, a fox will duck and run back to its hiding. If you throw a tennis ball or make a noise, be sure it will run far away from you. Including rabid foxes. In as much as rebids are considered to having violent behavior and carelessly biting dogs, people and other foxes too, that is not actually the case. Rabid or not, the chances of foxes being violent are 1:200. They are not built for fights with humans.

So, never get scared if a fox crosses your yard on a Sunday afternoon. It is simply finding food for the younglings it left back at its hiding. Don’t be the one to rob a family of its mum or dad. Don’t shoot the creature. Just let it go and you will never see it again.

A little kindness goes a long way of having a fox family finally having a meal. Don’t shoot, just let it go. Go back to the How to get rid of fox home page.

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