Fox Repellents

There are very many people who have been suffering from fox invasions for a long time. Foxes may not feed on human beings but they can attack pets and poultry. This makes then an unwanted animal in a home and one that must be gotten rid of. What are some of the ways you can use to keep foxes out of your home?


Very many animals hate water and especially those with moderately thick fur. Foxes try their best not to be rained on and they rarely venture into water with their whole bodies. This proves that they hate water and with this knowledge, we can use water as a weapon against foxes. It doesn’t matter whether you use a sprinkler jet or a hose, but the water must be in large quantities in the case that many foxes venture into your garden. You can choose to have a motionactivated switch if you want to conserve water.


This is the most common repellant. The bad smell of ammonia makes it a good repellant to use against animals and this applies also to foxes. Just sprinkle some ammonia around your garden, or use ammonia soaked rags which tend to be more effective.

Electrical wires

No animal can withstand electrocution. If you want to get rid of foxes completely, then this is the best method to use. Just buy a few strands of electrical wires and use them as a fence. Whenever a fox touches a wire, it is electrocuted. You must ensure that the current flowing through the wires is not high enough to kill the foxes since you may have too many fox carcasses too get rid of.

Noise Repellants

These are machines created with the sole purpose of producing a high pitched sound. The sound is meant to scare away the foxes from your garden. The machine needs to set up near an entry point. In the case that you have a large garden, then you should consider buying multiple of these machines. In addition, you should install motion activated switches so that the sound is only started whenever a fox tries to get into your garden.

Use of spikes

Spikes are a very cheap and effective method of repelling foxes. The spikes should have sharp endings so that they can pierce any fox that tries to enter your garden. The spikes should be installed on any known fox paths or entry points. Although the spikes are not meant to kill the foxes, a fox on the run may run right into the spikes and die a very painful death. Using a spiky fence is also a good alternative if you think that the foxes might adopt a new path.

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