How to get rid of Foxes from your house

Foxes can be a menace to your garden if not gotten rid of. They are gluttonous eaters for their size and they can lead to a lot of damages. What are some of the ways that you can use to keep foxes out of your garden?


Foxes are not the good diggers. They cannot dig below a deeply buried fence and this is why fences are very effective. However, if the fence is too low, they may pass over it and so you need a tall fence. Mesh fences have been found to be very effective for keeping animals out of a garden. However, recent studies have shown that the most effective type of fences is the electric fences that can repel any animal that comes into contact with them.

One way exclusion doors and funnels

These are also an effective way of preventing foxes from venturing into your shed. They have to be installed on known fox pathways. They are made in such a way that one end is narrow than the other end. The wide end is the entry while the narrow one is the exit. This ensures that once an animal gets in through the wide end, it cannot get back since the other end is too narrow to allow entry. The funnels need to be installed with the narrow end facing outside the barn or store where they are staying. This ensures that once they get out of the shed, they cannot gain entry again.

Use of repellants

There are various repellants that can be used to get rid foxes. Some of these are pepper and ammonia. The repellants are effective due to their irritating smell or the burning effect of hot pepper. Just spray the ammonia or pepper under the shed where the foxes are holed up and they will scamper away in a matter of seconds. Pepper is very effective since the foxes cannot come back to the place again after chasing them out.

Use or traps

Trapping animals is one of the best ways of getting rid of them. Cage traps are very effective with foxes. Just ensure that you place the traps on known fox pathways so that they can be captured. There are people who decide to kill the foxes after capturing them, but it is always best to get rid of them by relocating them.

Use of poisons

Poisoning of animals has been a very prominent way of getting rid of foxes for many years. There are various poisons that can kill foxes and these can be bought in your local store. However, you must ensure that the poisoned baits are far away from the reach of children and pets like dogs. This is because the poisons could cause health complications to children and pets and in severe cases, they could die.

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