Will The City or County Animal Services Help Me with a groundhog Issue?

There are many people who feel inclined to call the city or county animal control services when they are faced with a groundhog issue. However, they are faced with the rude shock of realizing that the Government doesn’t deal with untamed animals. Government animal control services were put in place to control animals. However, there is a limit to what animals they control. In most countries, these institutions were put in place so that they can help the citizens with controlling their tamed or domestic animals. Some of the animals that the county or city animal control services deal with include: dogs and cats.

It is imperative to note that there is a limit to the animal issues that these government institutions deal with. Here are some few examples of these issues:

  1. Reports of animal bites. The county and city animal control services are the people to turn to when a neighbor’s dog bites you or when a person close to you has been bitten by a dog.
  2. Complaints of pet abuse. There are many cases of people abusing their pets. These cases include whipping of pet dogs. While in many places the neighbors may ignore this, there are some areas where people report these cases. The county or city animal control services are the people to handle such cases and take appropriate action that will guarantee the safety of the pets.
  3. Keeping of harmful pets. There are people who choose to keep pets that pose a risk to the safety of them themselves and their neighbor’s. There is a misconception that dangerous domestic animals are only the unknown pets like tamed snakes; however, there are normal pets like dogs that can still cause harm. For example, there have been cases of pet dogs being so fierce that people cannot walk down a street, or a case of a tamed cat that feeds on the neighbors’ chickens. These are the cases that should be handled the city or county animal control services.

As seen above, there are three major issues that the county or city animal control operatives handle. However, while the cases may seem different, there is one general similarity: all those animal cases involve tamed animals or pets. Government animal control official only handle cases where the animal in question is a pet or is tamed by its owner.

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Groundhogs on the other hand are not domestic animals. They are animals of the wild and any damages caused by groundhogs are considered to be a wildlife control services issue. This means that if you have a groundhog issue in your home, the best place to file your complaint would be a wildlife removal services office and not a county or city animal control office.

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