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Do I really Need Professional Groundhog Control Services

While some may say yes/no, there is no simple answer to this question. This is because we all have different issues. While calling for professional help is needed in one situation, the simple do-it-yourself methods could work for someone else. What are some of the factors that determine whether you should handle the groundhog issue yourself, or whether you should call a professional groundhog control service?

Where you live
In this case, we consider living upcountry vs. living in urban areas. When living in a place with a farm, the groundhogs may be a nuisance especially if you have some cultivated crops. However, the good thing about living in such a place is that you can locate a groundhog den quite easily and then consider some of the DIY methods for groundhog control. On the other hand, even people in urban areas are prone to groundhog attacks. However, the main problem with living in such a place is that it may be hard to locate the groundhogs’ dens. This is due to the fact that land in such places is congested with houses and more often than not, the equivalent of a farm in the upcountry places could be divided into more than ten portions and each is owned by a different person. The difficulty thus comes when the burrows are not located in your yard and there is no way you can go looking for the burrows in other peoples lands without trespassing. This means that you would have to call for professional help while in an urban area but you can do it yourself while in the upcountry.

The magnitude of the infestation
There are people who see a groundhog from time to time in their gardens, while there are others with so many groundhogs in their gardens that they simply cannot cultivate crops due to the losses they will incur. In cases where there is a very rare presence of groundhogs, the best thing to do is to employ one of the DIY tricks and you could do away with the groundhogs yourself. However, if the presence of groundhogs is so pronounced that they are plunging your cultivations into losses, then it is high time that you called for a professional.

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How much do you know about groundhog control?
There are very many people who research online for the ways to perform a groundhog control DIY exercise. However, not all of these people are successful. This is because there are some who have no knowledge of what they are facing and thus their efforts bear little or no fruits. If you are certain that you know the movement patterns of the groundhogs in you farm, then you can set up traps or uses pepper and castor oil. However, if you simply do not have a clue as to where the groundhogs are coming from or how many burrows they might have, then the DIY efforts may not be successful. And in this case, then you seriously need to employ professional help.

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