The Trouble with Groundhogs

Are we going to see spring soon? That’s what ground hogs are for. People depend on those cute little animals to plan their year. Should they plant a little earlier in their garden? It’s a good reason to use an accurate indicator, such as groundhogs. But are they always right? Some people think so, while others just don’t buy into it. More so, they can’t stand groundhogs. They don’t want to see any groundhog shadow. They prefer to have no forecast. These hogs take up too much of their space and take over their garden.

It’s troublesome to find out that your beautiful garden has been ransacked by hogs. You weren’t planning on sharing your vegetation with any pests. And now you are at war with them. Holes here, holes there. I guess you wouldn’t mind planting yourself in the grass with your gun ready and willing to shoot their heads right off. Unfortunately, that’s not the friendly way of doing things. Let’s just be smarter. Now that you’ve made them your enemy, they’ve decided to hide out in your shed. Or maybe your porch. Staking you out. For they are definitely willing and ready to fight anyone, especially you. It’s an all-out war.

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Traps Work: So you prepare yourself and go to a home and garden store to pick up your tank full of repellants. Grabbing every kind. You’re not willing to lose the battle. But the groundhog is clever. They’ve dealt with mankind before. They know what those repellants smell like and how to avoid them. Generally some repellants use the smell of their predators. But the rain and garden irrigation dilutes these chemicals. Chemical warfare just doesn’t work on them. After all they can dig where you can’t see. Once under, they are safe and sound and ready to stake out in a new location.

Tired of dealing with this? Well you better come up with a better plan. Because you’re losing the battle. And as small as they are, they’re winning. Too bad for you. So let’s get serious. How can you get rid of those greedy little hogs? What really works? The best way is to set a trap. Get them interested by baiting the trap with their favorite foods, like slices of apples. Once trapped you have to check with your local Humane Society to find out where you can relocate them. Believe it or not, depending on where you live, you can’t drop them off anywhere.

You can also get help with disposing of them when caught. There are some companies that will help you dispose of them and even kill them. It must be done in a humane way. Another way to get them out of your shed is to get a dog. This is probably the best way to chase them off your property or make it uncomfortable for them to live in peace.

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