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Louisiana Wildlife Information:
Louisiana State bird: Brown pelican
State mammal: Black bear
State reptile: American alligator
State amphibian: American green tree frog
State fish: White crappie
State insect: European honey bee

Louisiana is famous for the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The state sits against the Gulf of Mexico, and much of the southern region is below sea level. Because of this, when Louisiana gets hit by a tropical storm or a hurricane, it gets hit pretty hard. That same region which is prone to storms from the ocean is comprised mostly of watery marshes, swamps, and bayous. The northern part of the state is hilly but not mountainous. Overall, the climate is warm and humid. The summers are hot, and the winters are very mild. During the cooler months, the state is prone to substantial rainfall.

The areas in the mainland region of Louisiana are no longer dominated by the Florida panther, a large feline which used to roam many of the southern states. According to the local authorities, the big cat is considered extinct within the state. Now, aside from coyotes, the black bears tend to keep the public on their toes. Louisiana boasts two different types of black bear, the American black bear and the Louisiana black bear. The differences between the two are very subtle, and Louisiana black bears tend to be smaller and leaner than the standard American black bear. At first glance, however, it is very difficult to tell them apart. While bears are found in all regions of the state, they are not considered very dangerous. Instead, the bears are looked at as nuisance animals for their raiding of bird feeders and garbage cans.

The black bears join the ranks of other pest animals like raccoons, skunks, armadillos, opossums, beavers, otters, squirrels, rats, and mice. All of these critters can be found in every region of Louisiana.

With so many miles of swamp land, it isn’t surprising that alligators are one of the most dangerous animals in the state. Alligators thrive in the marshes along the coast, using the watery vegetation to conceal them as they stalk prey. Many of the large birds in the area like cranes and pelicans can fall victim if they don’t pay close enough attention to the water’s edge.

Alligators aren’t the only reptiles to love Louisiana. The region is home to many different species of snakes, and it was once a habitat for a number of subspecies of sea turtles.

Louisiana Wildlife Removal News:
Louisiana up this raccoon season. Steel cage traps are the best trap and noon is the best time of the day to catch animals. Louisiana wild animal catchers had a good raccoon best time of the day to catch animals. Across the state, not so good. Statewide the final tally was down about 26,000 raccoon from last years steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals resulting in a 24 percent decrease in the statewide raccoon capture. Biologists blame the lower numbers, and rightly so, on the rainy best time of the day to catch animals opener on Nov. 28 that kept many wild animal catchers inside staying dry. Declared were 90,282 rodents taken in the state during the popular one-week steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals which ended last Wednesday.

During the 2020 raccoon best time of the day to catch animals wild animal catchers bagged 206,034 raccoon. Division of Wildlife declared opening day results this best time of the day to catch animals down 39 percent from last years opening day. So who led the pack? The usual counties that always lead the pack; with more than 3,000 raccoon each, Louisiana Parish had 3,690 raccoon harvested, Louisiana with 3,223, and Louisiana had 3,280 rodents tagged during the week long raccoon steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals. Locally, Louisiana steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals harvest is 2,727 raccoon, which is up from last year's 2,639. Louisiana wild animal catchers were down with 2,229 raccoon bagged, last best time of the day to catch animals wild animal catchers from Louisiana took 2,423. Their steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals had 2,432 raccoon checked, that too is down from 2,627 checked last best time of the day to catch animals.

Caddo Parish raccoon wild animal catchers tagged in 2,077, barely down from last years 2,202 raccoon. They tagged in 2,224, again a slight decrease from the 2,260 harvested last best time of the day to catch animals. It is one of only eight counties out of 88 in Louisiana to show an increase in the raccoon steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals results. It is also the first time in recent memory that Louisiana doesn't have a Parish with over 4,000 raccoon taken during the week of steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals. Next up is the extra "Weekend steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals", October 27 & 28, after that is the statewide humane cage raccoon best time of the day to catch animals Jan. 7-20. Louisiana's extermination best time of the day to catch animals continues through Feb. 6. Pictured is a nice 26-point non-typical The Louisiana Animal Control officer bagged on the Monday evening of steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals with his new 60 cal. Thomson Center Omega humane cage. The Louisiana Animal Control officer recalled it was nearing the end of legal catching hours when the big non-typical came tip-toeing out of heavy cover some 60 yards away and stopped. At around 6 p.m. the wildlife removal man set the sights on its chest, pulled the trigger and down went the big rodent. The Louisiana Animal Control officer stated the wildlife removal man was sure it was the same rabid animal the wildlife removal man saw last month on opening day but hadn't seen since. However Daniel declares that a few neighbors had also spied the big non-typical rabid animal and we're trapping for it. The Louisiana Animal Control officer had the rabid animal's head tested at a facility.

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