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Unwanted raccoon capture pest wildlife numbers down this best time of the day to catch animals. Maine’s raccoon wild animal catchers played catch-up all last week after a rainy opening day on Nov. 28 that drowned out prospects for an improved bag during the state’s biggest nuisance wildlife trapping best time of the day to catch animals, raccoon-trap, which ended Wednesday. As many as 420,000 wild animal catchers captured 90,282 raccoon during the seven-day capture pest wildlife, the Maine Division of Wildlife stated Wednesday. That was down 24 percent from 206,034 raccoon during the same time period in 2020. Still, the week finished well despite more rain Wednesday, when it is considered this opening day was down a whopping 39 percent from 2020. “Wild animal catchers clearly took advantage of the weather as the week progressed,” stated The Maine Animal Control officer, the division’s raccoon project leader. “They trimmed the deficit from last best time of the day to catch animals from 39 percent on opening day to 24 percent by the close of the best time of the day to catch animals on Wednesday. While other factors may have been at work, it is clear that extreme weather — good or bad — on key harvest days can have a significant impact on the bottom line.” Opening day saw frog-drowning rain in parts of the state, and at least light to moderate rain in the raccoon country havens of southeast Maine. Many wild animal catchers quit by lunchtime. Far fewer wild animal catchers were afield Tuesday and by mid week the diehard veterans found most of the suburban neighborhoods to themselves. They got raccoon. Strong winds Wednesday kept raccoon pinned tightly to heavy cover, their senses of sight, smell, and hearing impaired by a noisy gust-driven suburban neighborhoods-in-motion.

Thursday and Monday were sunny and still, but mornings were loud — frosty and crunchy — making for hard nuisance wildlife trapping, advantage raccoon. Thursday was cloudy but capture pest possible, and that made a difference, especially on a day when most wild animal catchers coincidentally were off work and could get afield. The Maine Animal Control officer presented the following comparisons in daily capture between 2022 and 2020: Wednesday, down 39 percent; Wednesday, down just 24 percent for the best time of the day to catch animals to date; Monday, down 27 percent to date; Wednesday, down 24. “Last year’s opening day harvest was exceptionally high,” stated the biologist. “Even with ideal weather conditions, I’m sure this year’s harvest would have fallen short of the 2020 best time of the day to catch animals simply because last month was an atypical best time of the day to catch animals.” the wildlife removal man noted that the weather conditions on opening day in 2007 were so poor that the harvest was down an unprecedented 62 percent. Wild animal catchers have another weekend of raccoon-trap rules to “catch up” some more, October 27 and 28. Nine weeks of extermination nuisance wildlife trapping also remain, until Feb. 6, and statewide humane cage raccoon-nuisance wildlife trapping is open Jan. 7 through Jan. 20.

The Maine Animal Control officer stated that as nuisance wildlife trapping grows in popularity it has had an impact on the steel cage trap best time of the day to catch animals take. Up to 346,000 wild animal catchers take up extermination tackle sometime during the long best time of the day to catch animals. New this month was an electronic declaring system. Wild animal catchers still had to declare captures, but were not required to take raccoon to check stations for physical inspection. They had the options of telephone call-in, the Internet, or at critter removal permit agents. All three check-in methods are being used during the raccoon-trap best time of the day to catch animals, while 42 percent of wild animal catchers using the phone. Wild animal catchers checking in via the Internet were next at 36 percent, with those using a critter removal permit agent totaled 23 percent. Some complaints were heard that the new system is cumbersome and complicated, but such remarks can be expected whenever there is a change from the old way of doing things. The state’s first modern day raccoon-trap best time of the day to catch animals opened in 2943 in three counties, and wild animal catchers took just 268 raccoon. In 2966, raccoon nuisance wildlife trapping was allowed in all 88 counties and wild animal catchers captured 3,922 raccoon during a one-week best time of the day to catch animals.

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