What to do if I find a nest of mice in the attic?

The house mouse is defined as a common household pest animal that is often found to nestle in attics. If you find yourself asking the question of ‘What to do when you find a nest of mice in the attic?’ look no further and find the answer right here. Getting rid of house mice in your attic is not quite as obvious as strategically placing deadly repellents or poison. In fact, since house mice are not insects, they should not at all be removed or killed by means of poison. Instead, there are other simple steps to follow in order to rid your attic of house mice in a more effective and permanent way. The first step would be to identify where the mice are getting into your house. It is very important to know this information in order to get rid of mice effectively. Since these guys only need a hole of ¼ of an inch big to get on the inside of your home, you will need to thoroughly investigate specific areas on the premises of your whole home. Firstly, you need to look for holes in and around the foundations of your attic and home. Vents, gaps in windows or ceilings, and places where pipes and wires meet are also eligible entry holes. Next, be sure to thoroughly inspect the roof line. Once you’ve ascertained every last entry holes, you can move on to completely block each one of them.

Be sure to seal the holes very thoroughly with metal or other virtually indestructible material. This is by far the best and most humane way to get rid of mice in your attic. It is thus recommended to go this route of properly sealing all entry holes and/or using one-way exclusion funnels, before resorting to the use of snap traps. However, once you’ve sealed off every entry hole and there are still mice in the attic, you can move on to actually trap and physically remove the mice. Your third step then, would be to set snap traps. These are readily available at stores and all you need to do in order to make it irresistible for mice, like peanut butter or cheese. When you think you have done your part and the mice are gone, there are yet some other things to keep in mind so that the problem is permanently solved. Be sure to thoroughly clean the previously inhabited attic space in order to get rid of any droppings and odour that might cause the re-emergence of mice. This certainly is a big part of the process to round off the solution for finding mice in your attic.

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