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How to Find and Remove Dead House Mice

Spotting a dead mouse in your house is very difficult. This is because mice do not die out in the open; they tend to seek comfort when in pain, and this means hiding in the deepest dens. This makes it very difficult to spot one unless you are an expert or you have a ‘good eye’. How can you find a dead mouse?

The odor

Dead animals typically produce a bad odor after a few days. This is the main factor that helps people locate animal copses. In the instance that you feel the smell of a dead mice lingering in the air, you should follow the smell and it will lead you to the location of the corpse.

Hidden corners

Mice love dark and hidden places that are out the reach of humans. If you have poisoned mice and still haven’t found any corpses yet, then these are the areas that you need to check first. Cupboards and abandoned boxes are some of the best places to start. If you don’t find any corpses here, proceed to your basement and attic.

At the bottom of walls

When mice die, they cannot maintain their grip on the side of a wall and they thus fall down. If you have a rood with a double wall, then you sould check the space between the wallf for dead mice. These places are dars, rarely visited and warm enough to support mice growth.

What to do when you find dead mice

Many people are in a daze on what to do once they find mice corpses. Here are some steps to follow to remove the dead mice.

Wear protective clothing

This is only important when you find many dead mice and you have not used any poison. This could mean that the mice have died from a disease and this could mean that the disease can also be transferred to humans. It is also very important to follow this step if the mice are rotting.

Spray some disinfectant

This is also important when the mice are rotting or when the mice have died from a disease that could be transferred to humans.

Pick up the corpses

After disinfecting the area, pitch the dead mice using your gloved hands and put them in a polythene. Ensure that you also collect any worms that may be feeding on the corpses.

Dispose the copses

There are people who prefer cremating, but burying the corpses is also okay. Just dig a deep whole and deposit the corpses there.

Clean the area with the corpses

After taking the corpses out of the way, you should clean the area with detergents. However, you can skip this step is there was only one dead mice and it was dead for a few hours due to poisoning. Go back to the How to get rid of mice home page.

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