What equipment to use in trapping a house mouse

When taking out mice or any rodents, you won’t need the Sherriff’s kind of pistol or a baseball bat to hit the little creatures head on. If you’re going to take them down, use something their own size. Use something designed for them. Use their very own execution chambers.

Traps are the most common way of taking out any mice. Just load the trigger of the trap with a chunk of food and when a curious rodent nose comes sniffing around, bam! You caught it. When controlling mice in your house, use more than one trap in areas where mice are most active. Place five or seven traps in each area and ensure it’s away from children and pets. You certainly wouldn’t want your cat to end up on the trap instead of a mouse. Before you could set the triggers of the traps, take a few days, probably two or three days with an unset but baited trap. This will ensure the mouse develops a habit of taking food chunks from the trap.

Glue boards
Glue boards are just as effective as traps. Think of them as fly papers but this time, we’re catching mice. Not flies. Glue boards are most relevantly used between wall spaces, where rodents could have found convenient enough to run around through. Place close to three or four glue boards between wall spaces. This time, they won’t escape.

Poison baits
Mouse poison works like any other poison. They get into the hosts system and shut down internal organs, causing death. Buy the poison from the nearest convenience store or supermarket, and ensure you check the expiry date labels. Expired poison could cause reversed effects not only to the rodent but you. In as much as poison kills quickly, use it carefully. Once a mouse takes in food infected with the substance, high chances are it will go back to its hideout and die in there. And you’ll have one dead mouse decomposing somewhere in your house that you just don’t know where exactly. Use poison, but be aware of the possible outcomes.

Ultrasonic equipment
Rodent control is most common with such devices. Using sound frequencies or strange sounds to scare off mice out of their hide outs can be a master plan. However, you’ll need back-up traps. Once you scare them out of hiding, use traps so a couple of them can bump into them. Problem solved.

Control cats or dogs
Using cats to scare off or keep away mice was much more popular in hey days. However, it could still offer a hand in keeping these creatures off. No mouse would be seen around a cat or dog home. Plus, you can still have your cat as a pet. You win!

Keep those rodents off your lawn. No one likes unwelcomed visitors.

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