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What to do if a mouse got inside your house

You recently got unwelcomed visitors and you might be scared at first. What do you do? What if its carrying some strange disease and it gets you sick? What if it’s not just one, but a whole clan of them? What will you do then?

If you saw a mouse run into your kitchen and you have never seen any before, then chances are it’s looking for more food, finding a new home, or it already found a home; your place.

Find the closest hideout the mouse could make. If the mouse is not already permanently living in your house, find a place that’s rather dark and lonely, mostly in dark corners of your house. Ensure they are clean, and harboring no rodent away from your sight. Be sure no mouse is hiding behind your oven or gas cooker or in your kitchen cabinet. Clear all dark and lonely places of your house.

Set traps strategically in your house. If you find a little mouse hole in your kitchen cupboard, place a mouse trap at the hole. If that could be a pit stop for the mouse, they’ll definitely get caught. On the other hand, if you find holes in your wall, cave out a hole and place the mouse trap between the walls and plug a covering of the hole you carved out. If the mouse found a race track up and down your wall, it will certainly bump into the trap and lose its head barbarically.

Use cheese baits to lead the mouse to a trap. If the mouse misses the wall trap or the one in your kitchen, lead it to the trap. Cut out tiny cheese slices and place them along a path that will lead the mouse to the trap. Think of it as blackmail but for a good course.

Finally, if you find it hard to take out these creatures or they got too many for you to handle, call in rodent control. It never costs too much to dial a helpline. You could do much better with their help. But whatever you do, do not be the one to poison the mice. They might end up dead in between the woods of your sofa.

Always find a way to keep mice out of your house. Don’t let your home be an attractive site for them. Keep clean, maintain clean corners, and take out your garbage as often as you can. It’s not only mice we are afraid of. Think of all the other pests that could rise from having garbage that’s 7 days late.

So next time you see a mouse, don’t scream and take shelter on top of your kitchen table. Arm yourself and take out these creatures. You’re in control. Go back to the How to get rid of mice home page.

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