Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for House Mice Damages?

Many people rush call their insurance offices when they discover that mice have caused some damage in the house. In fact, not many people understand the home owner’s policy on damages caused by animals. What are some of the damages that are caused by mice?

  • Destroying food materials. Mice are very notorious for chewing on stored grain. In fact, many grain farmers have reported incurring huge losses due to the amount of spoilt grain in their stores.
  • Chewing on electrical cables. This is perhaps the worst form of damage that is caused by mice. Thy chew on the electrical wires in hidden places like the attic or the basement. The wires can remain naked and could electrocute humans when they come into contact with the bare wires.
  • Digging holes in houses. Mice are very good diggers. Many people have reported finding small holes in the grounds of their houses, or in wooden walls. The holes could make foundations weak when they are too many or even cause structures to fall.

To answer the question above therefore, we must understand what damages home owner’s insurance pays for in regards to animal damages.

Wild rodents like rats and mice that fall from the chimney are one of the main problems that affects many homes. This also includes untamed birds like pigeons. These animals can cause massive damages to property and are thus very dangerous. According to many insurance policies, these damages fall under the optional level of accidental damages. This means that people are paid although not all the time. There must be some considerations of the factors that lead to the accident.

Animal-building impact is also another form of damage covered by home owners. This involves wild animals like pigeons hitting and breaking a window, or even an elephant that damages your wall. These two cases are not very common, but they are very serious cases. Many home owners’ insurance policies cover these damages. However, it is imperative to note that the animals must be wild for them to be considered as payable damages.

Damages caused by mice, rats, pest and vermin are not covered by most insurance policies. They are considered as nuisances and the owners have to foot the full costs themselves. Most small animals can cause considerable damages to your home, but even the level of damage cannot be considered. As a result of this policy, many home owner’s insurance policies clearly advice you to prevent the small animals from entering your home in the first place. It should be imperative to note that the cost is not covered by the insurance regardless of whether the small animals are tamed or wild.

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