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Should you hire a Professional or Remove Mice Yourself?

There are many people who are stuck between calling for professional mice removal services and doing mice control themselves. There is no definitive answer as to whether or not you should call for professional help. However, there are some factors that determine whether you should do the mice removal yourself or whether you should hire a professional. Let us consider each factor.

The extent of infestation

This is perhaps the most important factor. Most DIY mice control procedures only work when you want to capture, chase away or kill a small number of mice. What about when you have loads of them in your house? When you have hundreds of mice in your house, then you should call for professional help as experts are through and give the best results.

Do you know how to perform an effective DIY procedure?

There are very many people who think that mice control is all about poisons and traps. However, there is some knowledge and a set of very important skills that have to be used in order to do the procedure right. While many people can administer the poisons, they do not know how to find the dead mice and they end up calling for professional services to assist with the clean-up process. Before deciding to control the mice yourself, you should ensure that you have adequate information on how to control mice in your home.

How many places the Mice are located

Most DIY procedures are meant for people who know the exact position where the mice are located. For example, sound deterrents are used in attics or basements. What if the mice are in your bedroom, kitchen and living room? Using sound deterrents in bedrooms is not possible as they would be problematic to the people around you. When the mice have attacked many places at once, it is very hard to get rid of all of them and this is the time to call for professional help. However, if the mice are confined in your attic or basement, then you can use the DIR tricks, like trapping, that are very effective.

How long the mice have been in your home

The reason why this factor is important is that when mice have stayed in a place for too long they tend to have very many routes and places to hide. This means that finding a DIY trick that is through can be very difficult if the mice have stayed for years in the house. There more the time that mice have spent in your house, the harder it is to find out the level of infestation and also exactly where the mice are located. If the mice have only been in your house for a week, then you can control yourself. However, if they have settled in your home for years, you should call for professional mice control services. Go back to the How to get rid of mice home page.

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