What to do about Trap-Shy Mice

Ever tried using traps to capture mice but they just won’t get into the traps? It can be very tiresome and even distressing for some people. However, there are some steps that you can take to effectively deal with these trap-shy mice.

Try changing the bait

Do you know that the type of bait that you use can determine whether or not the mice will get into your trap? It is true; using bait that is not appealing to the mice is an assurance that you are wasting your time and effort. The bait should have a sweat smell to attract the mice and also have a good taste for the mice to taste and eat it. The best type of bait to use is chocolate or peanut butter; both of them are very appealing to mice.


After mice being trapped and relocated multiple times, they can learn that bait food is not always safe. This is especially true if you keep the trap in an open place where they can see the trap clearly. To make sure that the mice get into your traps, you should cut out all other sources of food. This will make the bait tempting enough to be attractive to the mice. If there is a lot of food for the mice in your house, then you could spend months waiting for the mice to feed on the bait but they just won’t.

The position of the trap

Mice are known to maintain the same pathways for months. They rarely divert from their path unless they spot a new source of food, and even then, they trend very carefully. If you have tried trapping the mice but they did not get into your traps, it could be because the traps were placed far away from the usual path of the mice. To ensure that the mice get into the trap, conceal it in a place where you are sure that the mice frequent. That way, you increase the chances of some mice getting into your traps.

Try alternative methods

It is not bud luck, but sometimes the traps just won’t work. It could be due to different reasons, but there are people who do everything right, but the mice just won’t get into the traps. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to use other alternative methods of capturing or killing the mice. Some of these alternatives include poisoning, use of the glue-board trap, or use of sound deterrents. Choking off their food supplies could also work since the rats would either be forced to feed on the bait in your traps or look for an alternative place of residence.

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