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What are the types of house mouse snap traps?

Snap traps are specifically designed to capture house mice but other small rodents can also be trapped using these traps. There are variable types of snap types available in the market today:

The metal pedal snap trap

It is one of the best snap traps in the world in that it is made from superior and quality material that is very effective moreover it is very affordable and easy to use.

How to use the metal pedal snap trap
  1. Remove the arm bar attached on the staple
  2. The arm bar is then moved to the back of the trap to allow it to hang over the back
  3. The trap is then baited to lure the mouse towards the trap
  4. The kill bar is then pulled to the back and then held using the thumb
  5. Swing the arm bar over the kill bar and then pressure is released slowly to allow the kill bar to remain in place
  6. The trap is then placed in areas where there is rodent activity
  7. After the mouse is caught, it has to be disposed of whereas the trap can either be discarded or reused.
It is also made from genuine material which makes the trap more durable.

The Easy-Set snap trap

The trap is made using wood, wire and scented cheese pedal making it one of the most effective and durable snap traps in the market. The trap provides instant results provided that it is set in a proper way. You have to know that setting the trap is very easy but it is difficult to trip them.

How to use the trap
  1. Remove the clip that secures the kill bar
  2. You have to move the arm bar so that it hangs at the back of the trap
  3. Bait the trap so that it can attract the house mice
  4. Set the kill bar in the required position using your thumb
  5. Place the trap against the wall and frequently check on it
  6. Once the mouse is trapped, you dispose it by lifting the kill bar and then resetting it
  7. Clean the trap for future use.
It is also affordable and available all over the world.

Quick set snap trap

It is a more sophisticated snap trap in the sense that the bait hook is provided and the set and release pin can be triggered with a single click. It does not require any touch release because it is automated.

The only task is to squeeze the trap so that the bait hook can be displayed; the trap is then baited and then placed in position so as to capture the house mouse. After the catch, the trap is cleaned to be reused in the future. Go back to the How to get rid of mice home page.

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