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Will a strobing light of high pitch sound deterrent machine work on mice?

Mice can be a very big nuisance to one’s home. When they reproduce in large numbers, the problem only escalates since you now have to deal with more mice than one. When such kind of large scale mice reproduction occurs, advanced methods of mice removals have to be applied. The problem is that it has not yet been proven if these advanced scientific methods apply and are effective since people who have tried do not give definite satisfactory answers. The mixed nature of people’s review on advanced methods of mouse removal brings about the argument whether these methods really work or not.

These advanced methods of mouse removal are:
  • The use of a strobing light
  • The use of a high pitch sound deterrent machine.
These methods have been developed by scientists and have been said to be able to effectively counter the problem of mice living in a person’s attic. The problem is that they have just been said but not proven. The nature of this argument brings about several questions. Do these two methods really work? Have they been proven? How often do people who experience these problems use these methods? How effective are these methods when it comes to completely removing or getting rid of mice in your attic?

The general answer to these questions is NO.

A strobe light is a lamp that emits short and concentrated flashes accelerated by a gas discharged by electronic means. This means that when the light is turned on, it has to capture or reach all parts of the room or of the house. The light has to cover every portion of the room it is being applied in. Sometimes this is not possible. This is because room structures usually differ. All rooms do not look the same. Pillars or beams or people’s belongings, especially in attics may block the light from reaching the real places where the mice are.

Another reason is that the strobe light will have to be turned off sometime and the mice will surely return to their previous spots. These small gaps in the effectiveness of using strobe lights are what make people doubt the use of a strobe light.

The use of high pitch sound deterrent machine is also a useless method when it comes to eradication of mice from your home. This is because it is the distinct nature of rodents to adapt. They can adapt to very many conditions, whether physical or environmental in a short period of time. These high pitch sound emitting devices produce ultrasonic sound which sometimes has little or no effect on mice since they find a way to live with it at the end of the day.

Therefore, these two advanced methods are not appropriate to use when trying to get rid of mice in your attic. Go back to the How to get rid of mice home page.

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