The Diseases Caused by Mice Droppings

Many people handle mice droppings very carelessly. They are not aware that mice droppings and urine are very dangerous to human health. There are three common diseases transmitted by mice urine and droppings. They are;

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

The disease is caused by a virus called Hantavirus. This virus was first witnessed in the Southwestern region of the USA in 1993. However, the virus is now common in the Western areas of America. This virus flourishes in rats and mice. People can get infected with the virus through several ways, but rodents are the most common carriers of this virus. The virus is airborne and can be transmitted to people when they come into contact with fresh mice droppings and urine. Also, mice bites from infected mice can also transmit the virus. The virus is mainly dormant but gets airborne when the droppings are disturbed or stirred. Eating food contaminated with mice droppings and urine can also cause transmission of the virus.

Some symptoms of people infected with the virus include; dizziness, muscle aches in the back and hips, acute nausea, general body weakness and severe fevers. Infected people should seek immediate medical attention.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

This is an infectious disease transmitted by mice. It is caused by a virus. Transmission of the virus comes when a person if in contact with mice droppings and urine. Infections happen mostly in colder months when the mice have moved indoors to avoid the biting cold. The infection comes in two phases, with the first one having no specific symptoms. However, there may be mild general symptoms like coughing, chest and joint pains, loss of appetite, salivary gland pain, testicular pain, headaches and muscle pains.

The second phase is characterized by severe and specific symptoms like meningitis, encephalitis and paralysis. Infected people are advised to seek immediate medical attention as the late stages of infection can be very painful and also fatal.


This is a disease that affects both man and animals. It is caused by a bacterium called Francisellatularensis. It kills mice very quickly, and can also be fatal to pets like cats and dogs. Infection can occur when the bacteria is breathed in. The disease is very fatal but can be successfully treated with the use of the right antibiotics. Some of the symptoms of infection include severe fevers of upto 105 degrees, swelling of the lymphatic glands of the groin and armpits, inflammations of the eyes, mouth ulcers and sore throat. Infected people are advised to seek medical attention within hours of noticing the symptoms. It should be noted thatthis disease can be transmitted from a mother to her fetus and thus medical attention in pregnant women is crucial.

As seen above, mice feces are dangerous and care should be taken not to inhale or get into contact with it.

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