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How to Kill Mice with Poison

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How To Kill A Mouse
The mouse is an animal that will split opinions among many people, with some being convinced that they are cute and delightful little animals, while others are worried about the threat to hygiene they cause. Many people will also feel that these little animals are truly fearsome, with some suffering a phobia of mice. This is why there are some people who are genuinely worried about the threat to health that mice can cause, and this can lead to an impulse to want to kill the mouse, and there are many different methods of achieving this.

Snap Traps
One of the simplest and most traditional methods of killing mice is with the classic snap traps, and these do have a reasonably good success rate when they are placed well. One of the most important aspects of placing this kind of trap is that it needs to be in an area where the mouse or mice are likely to be moving regularly, and this can require some detective work. Most people will bait this kind of trap with peanut butter or a small piece of chocolate, but there are many who will stick with cheese.

Different Types Of Traps
Along with the snap traps there are a number of different types of traps that can be used, including the glue boards which are designed to attract the mouse to stand on the board and then to be stuck there until it dies. These are cruel and will lead to a very painful death for the mouse, and is also not as effective as some other measures. There are also some electrocution traps which will kill the mouse with a strong current, but these can prove to be a little unreliable on the whole.

There are many different traps and devices that have been created in order to kill mice, but if there is one I would suggest that you avoid, poison isn't really a good solution for killing mice. Laying poison is actually quite dangerous, especially if you have children or domestic pets that will often be able to squeeze into small places and may put something they find into their mouths. Another problem with using poison is that the mice will not die in that location, as they will often retreat to roof cavities or the small spaces in the wall where they are difficult to find. When they die then the carcass will start to rot, and can often cause a bigger problem than the mice were when they were alive.

Alternatives To Killing Mice
Mice are not a healthy thing to have in your home, and they can spread disease and contaminate food. However, this isn't necessarily a reason to try and kill them, as many of the best solutions to a mouse problem will not have to include killing the mice. For example, if you keep a cat in your home not only are they great pets but simply the smell of the predator in the house will often drive the mice away.

Another alternative to killing mice is to use live traps, and then to seal the access points around your home that the mice have used to get into the property. In terms of live trapping mice, there are a number of cage and tube traps available, and these should be checked on a regular basis, with the mice being released at least five miles away from your home. If you aren't able to find the entry points around your home that the mice are using to get in and out, there are a number of problems that can help with this and provide a permanent solution to the mouse issue.

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