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Should I Ever Poison a House Mouse?

There are many people who are tempted to poison a mouse to get rid of it. This can be a very effective method, and an easy one. It involves purchasing some rat poison, and placing it on a known mouse path. It is one of the most effective methods when trying to get rid of house mice. However, the question still remains, ‘Should you do it?’

The main reason why professionals advice you against poisoning rats is the fact that other living things can also feed on the poison. For example, there have been cases of young children getting seriously ill due to the fact that they had fed on poisoned mice baits. It is an unquestionable fact that a hungry child can put anything they can lay their hands on in their mouth. This could be some poisoned mice bait or rat poison. The repercussions of doing this could be fatal for young children depending on the poison used. Let us not forget than dogs are also very greedy eaters that will feed on anything that smells or looks like food. A dog that feeds on rat poison may get very ill and even die a painful death.

Dealing with dead mice in your home may also be problematic. The use of poisons to get rid of mice means that you cannot control the number of mice that will die. There are people who poison mice and they end up with more than five dead mice. While the easiest thing to do is to cremate or bury them, there are some people who find these actions too disgusting to do. This means that they are left with multiple corpses of mice to deal with.

The most disturbing disadvantage of using poison to get rid of mice is that you are not in control of where the rats take their last breaths. When you use mice poison, there are mice that will die in their dens while there are those that will die while in your cupboards. As of now, there is no single mice poison that kills them instantly and this means that they have some few minutes to scatter away before they die. When a mouse dies in an unknown place, it means that you will find it when it has died for some days and by then, the odor from its rotting corpse will be so disgusting that you cannot stand it. Rotting corpses produce a very nasty smell and this could cause a nuisance to you and your family.

While using the right poison may seem like an effective way of dealing with mice, you should put into considerations the above factors. Go back to the How to get rid of mice home page.

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