What are symptoms of a sick house mouse?

The common mouse cold is very similar to humans, in so much as it normally clears up by itself. Symptoms of this sickness include sneezing, watery eyes, shaking, and fatigue. If you have a house mouse as a pet that displays any one of these symptoms, be sure to keep fresh food and water available at all times, and also keep the cage clean and dry.

Another common symptom of various diseases usually deriving from too much fresh foods, is an upset stomach. This is especially common in older mice. The way to spot a mouse with this problem is not rocket science, and dehydration causes death in hours. Be sure to clean all droppings to prevent getting infected with a related disease such as Salmonella.

Salmonella symptoms
Similar to humans, mice are highly vulnerable to food poisoning as well. Symptoms include diarrhoea, shaking, dehydration, and loss of hunger. Mice with salmonella poisoning would typically display these symptoms, so be sure to avoid direct contact in order to prevent infection.

Skin Allergies
Skin allergies are also quite a common problem with mice. Often, mice will develop a skin allergy to bedding such as a certain type of wood shavings. It can also be brought on by a few dry field hays plus dusty hays, as they to easily irritate or even cut the eyes. Mites, for one, are not included under the scope of this problem as they are not themselves classified as an allergy

Much like humans, mice will find that strange runny eye that comes plus goes yet never needs serious treatment. However, serious warning signs to look out for include swelling and white/lumps on top of the eyes, which possibly can be a sign of strict disease. In this case, the mouse might be turning blind. While one must be mindful that there are other conceivable description for a gooey eye last than the mouse contain a little life/threatening disease as well as losing its view. These include stress, anxiety, a light allergy, or it may just be something caught in the eye.

Older house mice are/prone towards tumoursand overall poor health. Tumours can be symptoms of a cancerous development that look like benign/{fatty/lumps} on the sides and back of the mouse. One is able to fairly clearly see with feel the tumours, in which case they need to be analysed for the presence of cancer.

The above mentioned symptoms of a sick house mouse are not an extensive overview, however features a few of the most common symptoms as experienced and observed by general mouse and human populations, respectively.

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