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Muskrat Trapping - How To Trap

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How To Trap a Muskrat
Muskrats are small mammals that are usually at a comparable size to a rabbit, and if you don’t live near to a water source then you are unlikely to have actually seen one in your area before. These aquatic mammals will often live in large colonies, and can cause a particular problem if they move into a decorative pond or near a stream in the garden. If you are not near to any water courses then if you do see a muskrat it will not be staying near your property as they need to be near water in order to survive.

What Traps Can You Use For Muskrats?
There is some debate about whether live trapping or lethal traps are the most effective solution to deal with muskrats, and because they can often live in a large colony the solution will need to be able to deal with a large number of animals. The live traps that will usually be used to catch muskrats will be repeater traps because there are often too many animals to deal with using a single catch live trap. These traps should be placed in and around the shallow water areas where the muskrats are likely to be nesting. There are also some live traps which are mounted on a floating platform that will then attract the muskrats which will climb on to the platform and then enter the trap. In terms of the lethal traps that can be used to deal with a muskrat infestation, on such option is a trap on a floating platform that will have a one-way door into a cage under the water. This will then drown the muskrats, and because of this many people will avoid the trap for humane reasons. Another option is to use a foothold trap which is attached to a stake in deep water which will also ensure the animal drowns quickly, but this has the same issue. Many people have successfully used a conibear trap set in the mouth of a muskrat den to catch a muskrat, but this will have to be repeatedly set in order to deal with the problem.

The Best Bait And Location For A Muskrat Trap
In terms of choosing the location for your trap, in and around the mouth of the den will certainly be a good place to start, and following the trails in the mud at the edge of water will often be a good start. For those using floating traps, attaching it to a stake in the water where it can’t reach the shore will be the best option, as it will be an attractive place for the muskrats to climb out of the water.

Muskrats have a preference for vegetables if they can get them, and parsnips and carrots can be very successful, as well as apples. Some people have had success using oil of anise as a bait, and for those who have trapped other muskrats they can also use their musk as a successful bait.

Handling And Relocating Muskrats
Much like any other rodent, muskrats can carry diseases and do have the teeth to deliver a bite, so it is best to avoid any contact if at all possible. For those who are nervous about handling such animals, many traps are available with handles for carrying and a protective guard around the handle so that the risk of a bite is neutralized.

You should check your local regulations before relocating muskrats, because there are many states that have significant restrictions about relocating pest animals. For those who are in a state without any restrictions, it is best to take the muskrats at least ten miles away from your property, and release them near a river or lake where they will not be a problem for other people.

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