How to Keep Opossums Away from Your Property

Opossums are considered to be pests because they often look for food around people's property. Once they decide that your house or yard can provide them enough food, they will continue coming to your property. After they come to your property they can cause real havoc, especially if you have trash cans that are not secured, because the opossums can get the garbage out of them. In addition to the trash cans, opossums are also a threat to any fruits or vegetables that you have in your garden. They also enjoy eating your pet’s leftovers. Eating these types of foods is not the only problem that opossums toss you once they enter your property, but they will also chew through wood and drywall, so that they can enter your house. Imagine an opossum entering the walls of your home and dying inside them – this would lead to a biohazard to you and your family. So what can you do about it? Here are some tips to help you keep opossums away from your property.

Learn how to identify opossum tracks on your property.

Prevention is the Key :As with many other issues, prevention is the first step that you need to do, as it is also the easiest. So, here are some things that you should start with in order to prevent opossums from getting into your property:

  • Remove any of your pet’s leftovers from outside and bring them in overnight
  • Remove any spilled bird seed
  • Ensure your bird water containers are covered so that only birds can get to them
  • Remove trash piles and keep your trash cans covered and secured
  • Store firewood away from fences and buildings
  • Securely close any outside buildings, such as garages and wood shelters
  • Check for any repairs that your house needs and make them as quickly as possible
  • Repair any possible holes in your attic
  • Deny access to spaces underneath porches, decks or sheds

Getting Rid of Opossums: Even with the best prevention measures, chances are, opossums will still invade your property. In this case, the only option you have is to find the best solution to get rid of them. For this, you can set traps and remove the animals once they are trapped. There are various traps available, but you should go for live traps, which means that the animals won’t be killed. However, before setting any traps, you should first ensure that this is considered legal in your area. Another option is to try to detect where the opossums have made their nest and try to prevent them from returning to it once they leave in search for food. In case you don’t want to do this on your own, you can always try to find a wildlife removal company in your area and they will help you get rid of the opossums from your property.

Learn the steps to take if you Found a Nest of Baby Opossums.

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