What to do if you're bit by a possum

When we talk about possums they can appear as threatening and most of the times you perceive these creatures as giant rats. In case a possum feels that danger is coming it gets alert and is even ready to attack. The alarming point is that a possum possesses almost 50 sharp teeth so it has the potential of giving serious kinds of complicated bites so one has to be extremely careful while dealing with these creatures. Normally possums are regarded as docile animals they will not show aggressive behavior all the time and don’t like to attack others without any reason. However, they will not hesitate in attacking people more specifically in situations when it is about self-defense. Therefore, if you will mess with a possum then be ready to face the consequences as it can bite back bringing some complications for you. Therefore, we suggest that it is best to leave these animals alone for your own safety and health.

When it is related with wild animals you have to be extremely careful because one can expect anything from these. It has also been noticed that possums normally prefer to play dead for avoiding any kind of contact with humans. This is a behavioral pattern, which is exhibited by these creatures most of the time. Experts reveal that playing dead is a natural inbuilt instinct present inside these animals when they face bigger animals or humans. This shows that for possums standing and fighting is not always the best option or preference. This is something which can work for the advantage of humans because moving the animal to a suitable place is easy and effective. However, you still can’t rule out the possibility of getting bitten so it is best to be extremely careful in all cases.

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In case you have received a bite then there is no need to panic and take medical assistance. Carefully observe the wound and if you feel that infection is getting deeper, then it is best to pay visit to doctors for getting proper treatment with antibiotics. These are normally omnivorous creatures, but normally their preference is restricted to fruits and insects. Their mouth is free of harmful bacteria so there is little risk related with infections. It will be also be a good strategy to wash the wound with a decent antiseptic. In all cases it is best that you should visit doctor for ruling out any kind of complication.

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