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What Kind of Damage Do Opossums Cause?

Opossums can bring about a lot of damage, especially when they are living in the attic or in the house. This is because they will be in need of some materials to use for nesting, and wild animals can have variable and unpredictable behavior. When there are possums within your home, then it is very important that you get a full inspection of the whole area, like the attic so as to see if there is any damage that has been caused.

One of the very significant damages that opossums can cause is the waste that is left behind. This animal poops a lot and its fecal matter can be all over the place. They can turn your attic into their regular toilet and it can be a total mess. The opossum's fecal matter can also be quite large and this means that it can be really bad when the opossums have lived in a given area for some time.

The thing that actually smells worse and is worse than the waste is discovering and dead opossum. The rotting carcass really stinks. The smell of a dead opossum can be really annoying. Opossums really grow during their short stay in the world. This is one of the reasons as to why you should never ignore any possum issue at any given time.

Favorite Areas for Opossums:

The Attic: One of the places that the opossums really love is the attic. This is because they are excellent climbers and they are able to take advantage of entry points that other bigger animals like squirrels do. In most attic cases, you will find an opossum with her young ones. When in the attic, removal may not be such a big deal and the issue can be solved very easily. Usually, it is more effective to set your trap outside the attic, not inside the attic as it works more effectively. This is because the animals are not in a mood for foraging once they are inside the attic. On inspecting an attic, you can easily tell whether there is an opossum issue, and usually the fecal matter left behind tells it all. The opossums will not restrict themselves to a particular point within the attic. They usually make use of the whole attic.

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Under a House: This is yet another favorite area for the opossum. Since the animal is nocturnal, you may not even notice its presence under the house. However, as stated earlier, opossums can be really messy animals and the area under the house can be really damaged with fecal matter or the event of an opossum dying. When you discover that you have an opossum issue on your hands, get in touch with professionals immediately as they will give you the much needed help. Go back to the How to get rid of opossums home page.

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