What Equipment Do You Need to Trap an Opossum?

Opossums are marsupials that scavenge for food. Although they are not harmful animals, they are still unpleasant and no one wants them around their house or garden. So if you have opossums on your property, you should definitely trap and remove them as quickly as possible. Here you can see what equipment is available for trapping an opossum and how can you use the traps to get rid of these pests from your property. Basically, you will need a few things for trapping an opossum: 1 A trap – there are many types of traps, such as live traps, leg-hold traps or kill traps. 2 Bait – it can be any type of food, such as fruits, vegetables or pet leftovers. 3 Thick gloves

Live Traps
This is the easiest and also most convenient method that you can use for trapping opossums. You need to find an appropriate trap for opossums and position it in the area where opossums are. You need to use bait to lure the opossums into the trap. As bait, you can use any type of fruits, vegetables or pet leftovers, for example. Place some of the bait near the entrance of the trap, but also place some bait in the back area of the trap to ensure that the opossum walks all the way into it. Once the opossum enters the trap, the door completely close behind it and the animal won’t be able to get out. You can now take the trap into the wild to release it, or you can call the animal control authorities to get it removed from your property.

Leg-hold Traps
The leg-hold traps need to be set in places where opossums travel. You need to rub the lure behind the trap, so that it attracts the opossum. You need to ensure that the chain is connected to a steady object and make it as short as possible. Place the trap on the ground and clear the surrounding area in order to prevent possible injuries to the opossum.

Kill Traps
These are not very popular, especially as in some areas, it is illegal to kill opossums. However, there are people who prefer using kill traps for getting rid of the opossums. The kill traps are designed in a way that would quickly kill the opossum, so that they are meant to be as humane as possible.

No Traps, but Hands
Although it is not recommended to catch an opossum by hand, sometimes this is needed. However, if you try to catch it by hand, ensure that you wear thick gloves and be careful while handling the animal. Grab the opossum’s tail and keep it as far as possible from you.

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