Are Opossum Feces Dangerous To Touch Or Breathe?

Awesome feces is a base of disease causing germs therefore you have to be aware of the potential risk if you are in contact with the substance either by touch or sniff. The omnivore's varied diet makes it difficult to identify in comparison to recognizing the droppings of other animals.

Generally, possum droppings are the same as that of house cats or small animals. The size ranges from1 to 3inches long, and is tapered with apointy end. Possum droppings are visible on paths or near feeding zones. You might find the droppings close to your garbage bin or near your favorite berry tree, with slightly shiny, hazy appearance, the color ranges from dark browns to red.

The nastiest feature associated with possum feces is smell, especially when it is with urine! This is the main reason that you want a prompt cleaning of that area, it also stings the area. The feces is quiet similar to a raccoon’s poop. The feces have some unwanted features. The substance contains nauseating bacteria and is a source of illness. Leptospirosis and salmonella are the genre of bacteria that is found in your feces. It is blamed to cause pathologies in some animals like horses. The disease generates neurological disorders. This is because of EPM – equine protozoa my eloencephalitis. Toxoplasmosis is a disease making cats and humans drastically ill.

The disease-carrying germ can cause 'permanent mutilation and disability' in humans if they contact with it either by touching it or breathing near it. Bairnsdale ulcers are basically skin ulcers, especially on the arms and legs. The World Health Organization has reported that this organism belongs to same family of culprit bacteria causing Leprosy and tuberculosis. The infection is manifested as a painless, pimple causing an irritating itch ultimately transforming into an ulcer. The ulcer is curable in early stages but ignorance can lead to disability. The treatment is complex. Long term use of antibiotics is necessary and it may go to surgery if left untreated.

Round worms can also be found. It is a parasite that lays eggs. These eggs should not be inhaled or ingested as they are sources of infections. Roundworms survive in the human intestines for two years and cause abdominal disorders, diarrhea, breathing diseases and, in more severe cases they can block the intestinal passages. Be sure that the stuff from your attic is clear of possum feces. Opossum is the mediator of murine typhus transmission to humans. The fleas carry them in their fur. When a human is in contact with an infected flea the transmitted germs cause headaches, fatigue fever and a rash. Hence several reports have proven that opossum feces is highly communicable, therefore it is better to avoid it. Unfortunately, if you are in contact with the poop of possum, adopt the following strategies to stay safe: Remove all droppings; it is better to dump all the soiled insulation. Spray the area with a special enzyme-based cleanser to eradicate the feces while removing the nasty smell. Repair damages where there is a chance of leftover droppings. Immediately contact your medical practitioner.

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