Should I Feed a Baby Opossum I Found?

It is not recommended for the average person to feed baby opossum, as a baby opossum is difficult to handle. They are too fragile and can die if proper care is not given. However, if you find a baby opossum and the circumstances call to feed them as an urgent or vital requirement, you can adopt the following guidelines while feeding your nocturnal marsupial. It is not suggested to give any type of milk to the neonatal opossum that still has its eyes closed, because they need to be stimulated to urinate by wiping their genital organs with a damp cloth, first.

Secondly, they require hydration to survive. Therefore, check the hydration condition of the animal, make it warm and then hydrate it via specified solutions. Applesauce could be ingested in a possum whose size is more than 4 inches, as he is now able to consume such things, but care should be taken that this type of feeding will discontinue within 24 hours. Powdered ESBILAC is diluted as 1 part powder with 2 parts water. This animal milk formula is easily available in local stores. Tube feeding is done at this stage, at the interval of every 2 hours. For a 4 week old baby the tube is modified to a 1cc syringe. Opossums that are 7weeks and older are fed with blended verities in a mash. Each time a new variety will give more nutrition. According to rehab experts, these creatures might undergo a calcium deficient condition therefore supplemental calcium with phosphors should be sprinkled over the diet. The formula milk continues by increasing time intervals between feeding till the age of 7 weeks. Be cautious that the milk flows slickly without struggle. Remember, overfeeding can kill the animal. Formula continues now with a shallow depth utensil from which the animal can drink on its own.

As the teeth grow, for their carnivorous contentment, meat or chicken, or other pet food can be offered. That will contribute to a larger proportion of the diet. A fifty toothed possum can now munch everything. Chopped grapes, melon, apple and berries will form a 5% portion of the meal. Chopped vegetables- will comprise another 5% of the diet of this nocturnal mammal. Egg with shell, preferably scrambled, sardines, and tuna would be the meal of choice. Insects & bugs, worms, and rodents must be supplied in larger quantities. It is better to train them to feed on large prey before they enter their natural habitat. These guidelines are a valid source of feeding tips for baby opossum and following them will ease the method of raising a baby possum without any help from the local wildlife rehabilitation service.

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