How to Remove Opossums With One-Way Exclusion Funnels

Opossums are often classified as a species that is a pest because of their habit of living under houses and attics and scavenging. The more common complaints that you may hear about them include:

  • Scaring pets, such as dogs
  • A potentially dangerous opossum in the case of sickness
  • Steeling of the food meant for your pet
  • Dead opossum on the roadside or property
  • Opossums under the house or deck
  • Opossums in the attic

The above are some of the reasons as to why many people want the animals to be trapped and totally removed from their properties.

Getting Rid of the Opossums
The best way to deal with opossums is to trap them physically and then remove them. The best part of it all is the ease in which the opossums can be caught. This is because the opossum is a scavenger and as the animal scavenges, it then gets caught and that can be a really easy thing. However, the whole trapping business has many intangibles. If the opossum is beneath a shed, will it really catch the opossum or a stray cat? Are you able to relocate this animal legally? Will you be in a position to take all the safety precautions that are important? Is it allowed for you to do such things in the state in which you live? There are so many questions that you need to answer before you start setting a trap for opossums. There are many legal aspects and wildlife control rules to be followed and things can be really complex. However, when you work with a specialist, things are bound to go smoothly.

The One Way Exclusion Door
This is by far the very best way you can choose to deal with the issues that you may be having with opossums. This is an ideal way in which you can get the opossum out of the home or a building without having to harm it in any way. However, having a one way exclusion door doesn’t mean that the whole opossum problem will simply go away. There is more to it. The one way exclusion door isn’t a method that is suitable for beginners. It is important to seek advice from a professional who has dealt with such issues in the past. When you exclude one opossums, there may be many more coming in to replace it. The other thing to note is the fact that a mother opossum could have left her young ones within the same area, such as attic, and this means that the problem remains unsolved. The situation of using the one way doors can be a bit complex. Usually, the one way doors are mounted on a building directly right over the holes that the opossums are using to gain entry and leave the house. For it to be effective, it should have wings or flanges in one end where the trap will be mounted. There is also the need for a torsion spring that leads to the cage.

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