How to Keep Opossums out of Garbage Cans

Opossums are commonly known as possums and they are marsupials. Opossums are omnivores and love to eat anything found in your trash can. Just like skunks, possums can tip over your garbage and can spread it all over your driveway. This cat-sized mammal is generally harmless to humans but it will stop at very little in order to get the treats out of your garbage. How will you be able to deter this little animal from exploring your garbage can? Here are some useful tips to avoid the trash can becoming a hot favorite place for possums.

Focus On the Garbage Can:
The first best interest in this matter is to make sure that the can itself is impenetrable like a fortress for the possums. You have to purchase a can of metal with a lid that locks in place. Plastic garbage cans are also available on the market that also have secure lids on the can. But beware, as many wild animals can chew a plastic can. If you cannot select an appropriate bin that meets your requirements, ask the sales person and let him know the actual requirements (like to be protected from wild animals). Never leave the garbage bin open or with a loose lid; it will certainly be an invitation to the opossum.

Secure the Garbage Bin Lid with Clamps or Locking System:
You can also use a chain with a lock as opossums are not able to open such lids. A plastic hose pipe can also be attached all around the edge of the lid to create a seal, in case the lid does not lock in place. Tie the lid of the garbage can with some rope or bungee cord secured around the can’s handles; this way the opossum will not be able to enter the can.

Put Some Heavy Item on Top of the Garbage Can:
In order to avoid opossums getting into the trash bin, you can also put some heavy object on the closed lid of the garbage bin. But keep I mind the object should be heavy enough that you or any other family member does not face trouble in lifting the lid up.

Spray Ammonia inside the Can:
Ammonia has a bad odor and often makes the animals leave the place. With that in mind, you can try spraying some ammonia in the interior of the garbage can. Alternatively, an ammonia soaked cloth can also be used for the same purpose.

Sprinkle An Opossum Repellent around Your Garbage Cans:
Opossum don’t like the taste of any sort of repellent so they can be discouraged in this way. Instead of commercial repellents, hot pepper or cayenne pepper can also be use.

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