How to Keep Opossums out of Your Garden

Opossum, or simply possums, are generally considered a nuisance in and around the garden, particularly when this mammal feeds on or tramples your plants. They can also attack the trash can and can steal your pet’s food as well. They can destroy your backyard and garden. The best way to combat the problem of possums is to understand their habits first. Opossum prefer to make their home in wooded areas or in the open fields near canals. However, they can also live happily in abandoned burrows, brush piles, tree crevices, area steps, decks, as well as outdoor buildings.

Opossums are included in the list of nocturnal animals; this means they are typically active at night and they sleep throughout the day. Therefore, it is hard to see this intruder attacking the garden. But you will find some telltale signs of its presence through tracks, droppings, plant damage and overturned garbage bins or pet food dishes. Possums happened to be omnivores as they eat fruits, insets, eggs, small animals, like mice and frogs, and insects, etc. There are some methods that can be helpful to get rid of opossum; the following are some of the methods:

The erection of electric fencing or woven wire is sometimes used for controlling possum. The fencing around the garden must be at least 4 feet high and the top of the fencing facing outward, away from garden in order to prevent possums from climbing over. You can also add electric fencing about 3 – 4 inches over the top. Scaring Possums Away:

Motion Activated Devices:
Setting up motion activated devices near the premises of your house, around fruit trees, at the front of the home or any other frequent passage area for possums. These devices are triggered once the wild creature crosses the sensor and it can get frightened once the device turns on. Motion activated sprinklers are also available on the market and these are considered more effective than any other motion activated devices. Lights can be effective in frightening the animals, but water sprinklers can work in a better manner.

Fur of Cats and Dogs:
The smell of potential predators also helps to deter possums from hanging around. Don’t let your pets roam about in the garden in order to avoid the possums as they can have fight with each other. You can also collect the fur of your dog or cat after brushing. Place the hair in small mesh bags and scatter them around or hang them on the path frequented by the opossum.

Smells That Opossum Avoid:
Pour ammonia where possums visit most. You can also use the aroma from garlic and mothballs as their smell will repel the animal.

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