Will the City or County Animal Services Help Me with my Opossum Issue?

Opossums are very unique, most especially for the fact that they are the only marsupials within North America. This means that females have a pouch for carrying their young ones and it can fit up to thirteen babies. Here, they are nourished and carried after birth. The other unique thing about the opossum is the fact that they have prehensile tails and they can hang from it. They are also known for their ability to play possum, or feign death, which is a tactic for defense. These animals are also omnivorous and can eat anything, including garbage and carrion.

Opossums can be slow but they have excellent climbing abilities and can survive in the attic. They can also live under your deck or shed. Their immune system is also very strong, but they usually don’t live through their third year. These animals are also nocturnal.

Opossum Concerns: Opossums cause nuisance concerns and the complaints that are usually received are because of the following reasons:

  • They have invaded the space under a shed or porch
  • They are harassing pets, and stealing pet food and garbage
  • They have come inside a home or invaded the attic area

Usually, the city or county services will not help with the opossum issues and you may need to look for other options. There are people who are able to deal with opossum invasions in homes with great tactics. The reason you should get help soon is because opossums can leave a great mess, especially with their droppings and they can also carry diseases and parasites. They cannot be classified as clean animals and they also have a very strong odor.

Getting Rid of Opossums: When faced with this issue, you may choose to hire a removal company that can deal with the opossum. Always make sure that you compare costs and know how well the company can work. Wild animals have many techniques for control, but when you think of opossums, the best way in which you can really deal with them is to trap them and then remove them. They are animals that can be quite easily caught. However, you need to have a huge cage placed in the area frequented by the animal. The bait can be anything.

Opossums are scavengers and opportunistic feeders. There needs to be lots of consideration made for the kind of trapping that should be used. Choosing the best method ensures that no other non-targeted animals get caught.

When you realize that you are facing an opossum issue, seek professional support immediately. This will help you avoid all the menace that the animals can cause within the home and surroundings.

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